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 vxevac(1M)			  VxVM 3.5			  vxevac(1M)
				 1 Jun 2002

      vxevac - evacuate all volumes from a disk

      /etc/vx/bin/vxevac [-g diskgroup] [-t tasktag] medianame

      The vxevac utility moves subdisks off the specified VERITAS Volume
      Manager (VxVM) disk (medianame) to the specified destination disks
      (new_medianame...).  If no new_medianame arguments are specified, any
      non-volatile, non-reserved disks can be used as destination disks.
      Subdisks that are part of unmirrored striped plexes are moved by
      moving the entire plex to a new location.

      Note: This operation assumes that there is sufficient space in the
      disk group for the operation to complete.	 If the process runs out of
      space, some of the volumes on the disk may not be evacuated.

      vxevac is usually called from the vxdiskadm menus.

      A medianame argument is an administrative name used to define a disk
      within a disk group.

      -g diskgroup
		Specifies the disk group for the operation, either by disk
		group ID or by disk group name.

      -t tasktag
		Specifies an administrative operation to perform by the
		numeric identifier tasktag.  See vxtask(1M) for information
		on VERITAS Volume Manager tasks.

      vxdiskadm(1M), vxintro(1M), vxtask(1M)

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