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 vxenablef(1M)						       vxenablef(1M)

      vxenablef - enable VxFS DMAPI or OnLineJFS functionality in the kernel

      /sbin/fs/vxfs/vxenablef [-a] [-e { online | dmapi } ]

      vxenablef enables VxFS DMAPI (Data Management Applications Programming
      Interface) or OnLineJFS functionality in the kernel.  If you have
      valid licenses for these features, vxenablef makes them available
      without rebuilding a new kernel and rebooting the system.

      If no argument is specified, vxenablef displays the available licensed
      features enabled in the kernel.

      vxenablef recognizes the following options.

	   -a	Enable all features for which the proper license key exists.

	   -e online | dmapi
		Enable OnLineJFS or DMAPI VxFS features.

		online	  enables OnLineJFS functionality in the kernel if
			  the system is licensed for OnLineJFS.	 The HP
			  OnLineJFS product includes DMAPI.

		dmapi	  enables DMAPI functionality in the kernel if the
			  system is licensed for DMAPI. DMAPI is also part
			  of the HP OnLineJFS product, but this option
			  enables DMAPI without OnLineJFS.

      vxenablef is run automatically from /etc/inittab at system boot time.
      It is also run during the installation of the HP OnLineJFS product to
      enable the newly-licensed OnLineJFS functions without requiring a
      system reboot.  It is not typically run from the command line.

      You must be a privileged user to run vxenablef.


 Hewlett-Packard Company	    - 1 -   HP-UX Release 11i: November 2000