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 vxddladm(1M)			  VxVM 3.5			vxddladm(1M)
				 1 Jun 2002

      vxddladm - Device Discovery Layer subsystem administration

      /etc/vx/bin/vxddladm keyword [attribute[=value] ...]

      vxddladm addjbod vid=vendor-id [pid=product-id]
	   [opcode=scsi_opcode] [pagecode=page_code]
	   [offset=page_offset] [length=sno_length]

      vxddladm excludearray libname=libname

      vxddladm excludearray arrayname=arrayname

      vxddladm excludearray vid=vendor-id pid=product-id

      vxddladm excludearray vid=vendor-id

      vxddladm excludearray pid=product-id

      vxddladm excludearray all

      vxddladm includearray libname=libname

      vxddladm includearray arrayname=arrayname

      vxddladm includearray vid=vendor-id pid=product-id

      vxddladm includearray vid=vendor-id

      vxddladm includearray pid=product-id

      vxddladm includearray all

      vxddladm listexclude [all]

      vxddladm listjbod [vid=vendor-id [pid=product-id]]

      vxddladm listsupport [all]

      vxddladm rmjbod vid=vendor-id [pid=product-id]

      The vxddladm utility is an administrative interface to the dynamic
      array support facility of the Device Discovery Layer(DDL).  This
      utility lists the types of arrays supported, adds or removes array
      support from DDL, and allows dynamic addition of JBOD support for
      disks from different vendors.  It additionally lists supported JBODs,
      and allows addition or removal of JBOD support.  The vxddladm utility
      is also used to customize the set of array libraries that can
      participate in device discovery.

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 vxddladm(1M)			  VxVM 3.5			vxddladm(1M)
				 1 Jun 2002

      addjbod	Adds disks having the specified VID and PID in the JBOD
		category (DISKS).

		Excludes the specified array libraries from participating in
		device discovery. This does not remove the specified
		libraries from the system. As a result, vxddladm listsupport
		displays the corresponding disk arrays.

		Includes the array libraries previously excluded by
		excludearray.  These can be used for device discovery

		Lists information about the disk array libraries excluded
		from device discovery functionality.

      listjbod	Lists information about the types of disks supported in JBOD
		category (DISKS).

		Lists information about supported disk arrays.

      rmjbod	Removes disk with the specified VID and PID from the JBOD
		category (DISKS).  These disks are categorized as
		OTHER_DISKS and are not multipathed.

      The attribute all selects all objects for an operation.

      Other attributes are specified using the format attribute=value.

      arrayname Name of the array on which the operation is performed.

      length	Size of the field containing unique disk serial number.

      libname	Name of the array library on which the operation has to be

      offset	Offset on the page code.

      opcode	SCSI opcode.

      pagecode	Page code for SCSI command.

      pid	Product ID of the disk array.

      vid	Vendor ID of the disk array.

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 vxddladm(1M)			  VxVM 3.5			vxddladm(1M)
				 1 Jun 2002

      Note: The value for vid and pid should be taken from the output of the
      vxddladm listsupport command. These values may be different from the
      actual vid and pid values of the disks within an array.

      vxconfigd(1M), vxdctl(1M), vxdisk(1M), vxdiskadm(1M), vxdmpadm(1M)

				    - 3 -	  Formatted:  August 2, 2006