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 uugetty(1M)							 uugetty(1M)

      uugetty - set terminal type, modes, speed and line discipline

      /usr/lbin/uucp/uugetty [-h] [-t timeout] [-r] line [speed [type

      /usr/lbin/uucp/uugetty -c file

      uugetty sets terminal type, modes, speed and line discipline.  It is
      similar to getty, except that uugetty supports using the line in both
      directions (see getty(1M)).  This allows users to log in, but, if the
      line is free, uucico, cu, and ct can dial out (see uucico(1), cu(1),
      and ct(1)).  When devices are used with uucico, cu, and ct, lock files
      are created.  Therefore, when the call to open() returns (see open(2))
      (or the first character is read when the -r option is used), the
      status of the lock files indicates whether the line is used by uucico,
      cu, ct, or someone trying to log in.  See getty(1M) for more

      Note that with the -r option, several carriage-return characters might
      be required before the login message is output.  When uucico is trying
      to log in, it can be instructed to enter numerous carriage-return
      characters with the following login script:

	   \r\d\r\d\r\d\r in:-in: ...

      where ... represents whatever would normally be used for the login

      An entry for an intelligent modem or direct line that has a uugetty on
      each end must use the -r option (this causes uugetty to wait to read a
      character before it enters the login message, thus preventing two
      instances of uugetty from looping).  If there is a uugetty on one end
      of a direct line, there must be a uugetty on the other end as well.

      The following line is an /etc/inittab entry using uugetty on an
      intelligent modem or direct line:

	   30:2:respawn:/usr/lbin/uucp/uugetty -r -t 60 tty12 1200

      ct does not work when uugetty is used with an intelligent modem such
      as a Penril or a Ventel.


 Hewlett-Packard Company	    - 1 -   HP-UX Release 11i: November 2000

 uugetty(1M)							 uugetty(1M)

      ct(1), cu(1), login(1), uucico(1M), getty(1M), init(1M), ioctl(2),
      gettydefs(4), inittab(4), tty(7).

      Tim O'Reilly and Grace Todino,
	   Managing UUCP and Usenet, O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. USA.

      Grace Todino and Dale Dougherty,
	   Using UUCP and Usenet, O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. USA.

 Hewlett-Packard Company	    - 2 -   HP-UX Release 11i: November 2000