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 update-ux(1M)						       update-ux(1M)

      update-ux - updates the HP-UX operating system from new HP-UX media

      update-ux -s source_location [-?] [-a bits] [-n|-y] [-i]
	   [-x option=value] [sw_spec]

      The update-ux command updates the HP-UX operating system to a newer

      Use update-ux when updating the operating system (OS), changing the OS
      word width, and installing or changing operating environments (OEs).
      update-ux works only with source depots containing the OS and OEs such
      as HP-UX 11i OE CDs. When using other media as source, use
      swinstall(1M) instead.

      update-ux will always attempt to update the OS.  These bundles are
      installed by default from HP-UX 11i OE CDs:

	 HPUXBase32 or HPUXBase64
	 FibrChanl-00 (64-bit OS only)
	 RAID-00 (64-bit OS only)
	 FDDI-00 (32-bit OS only)
	 CDE language bundle based on installed CDE.
	 Other network drivers based on installed software.

      To list all product bundles available on the CD mounted at /cdrom,

	   /usr/sbin/swlist -s /cdrom

      If you are changing OEs within the same OS version, update-ux will
      attempt to update the OS.	 However, only software that has not yet
      been installed will be installed.	 Software already on the target
      system will be deselected during the analysis phase.

      If the current OS is 10.20 or 11.00, first install update-ux onto the
      existing system. For example:

	   swinstall -r -s source_location Update-UX \@ \
	   /var/adm/sw/update-ux.root 2>&gt&gt>/dev/null

      where source_location is the full path to a depot containing the 11i
      Update-UX product.

      The redirection in this command is recommended when updating from
      10.20 to avoid inconsequential warning and error messages.  This is

 Hewlett-Packard Company	    - 1 -     HP-UX Release 11i:  March 2002

 update-ux(1M)						       update-ux(1M)

      because the 10.20 version of swinstall does not recognize many of the
      new keywords added to the newer products in this depot.  Since these
      errors and warnings can be ignored, be sure to add the redirection of
      standard error.

      update-ux supports these options:

	   -s source_location  Specify the source location.  Possible
			       locations are a local directory, a mounted
			       CD-ROM containing an SD depot, or a remote
			       machine and depot combination.  All paths
			       used in the source_location must be absolute
			       paths.  If source_location is a CD-ROM,
			       update-ux expects to install from two CDs and
			       will prompt for the second CD.  If
			       source_location is a remote machine and depot
			       combination, the remote machine should be
			       specified first, followed by the absolute
			       path to the remote depot, separated by a
			       colon with no spaces; for example:

	   -?		       Print the usage statement.

	   -a bits	       Specify 32- or 64-bit OS architecture.
			       Omitting -a 32 or -a 64 defaults to the
			       currently-set architecture (only 64-bit OS is
			       supported on B-, C- and J-class systems).

	   -n|-y	       By default, update-ux pauses when an error is
			       detected to ask if it should continue.
			       Specify "no" (-n) or "yes" (-y) to tell
			       update-ux whether to continue when a error
			       message is issued.  Use -n (or omit this
			       option) at first to have update-ux abort when
			       an error is encountered.	 Then review the
			       error logged in /var/adm/sw/swagent.log.
			       When you have reviewed/resolved the errors,
			       use -y to have update-ux ignore any remaining

	   -i		       Start the swinstall interactive interface.
			       For more information, see the swinstall(1M)

	   -x option=value     Set swinstall(1M) options.  swinstall -p
			       (preview) is not supported.  For more
			       information, see the swinstall(1M) manpage.

 Hewlett-Packard Company	    - 2 -     HP-UX Release 11i:  March 2002

 update-ux(1M)						       update-ux(1M)

	   sw_spec	       Specify optional software selection such as
			       an OE or network-driver bundle name.

      The update-ux command returns a value when it is not successful:

	   1	Error during execution; update aborted.
	   2	Update aborted per user request (-n option) or from

    Standard Output:
      An update-ux session writes messages for significant events,

	   +  Begin- and end-session messages.
	   +  Major task messages.

      Errors are recorded in: /var/adm/sw/swagent.log.

      To update from the OS depot on an HP-UX 11i OE CD-ROM mounted at
      /cdrom, enter:

	   /usr/sbin/update-ux -s /cdrom HPUX11i-OE

      That example updates the OS and installs the HP-UX 11i Operating
      Environment (OE).	 You will be prompted to replace OE CD1 with CD2.

      To update the OS from /cdrom, but not install an OE and ignore any
      error messages, enter:

	   /usr/sbin/update-ux -s /cdrom -y

      To update the OS and also update any software on the target system
      with new versions found in the source depot at /cdrom, enter:

	   /usr/sbin/update-ux -s /cdrom -x match_target=true -a 64

      That example also ensures that the 64-bit OS is installed on a target
      system that can run either 32- or 64-bit OS.

      update-ux was developed by HP.

      /usr/sbin/update-ux		 The update-ux command.

      /var/adm/sw/swagent.log		 The log file.

 Hewlett-Packard Company	    - 3 -     HP-UX Release 11i:  March 2002

 update-ux(1M)						       update-ux(1M)

      sd(4), sd(5), swinstall(1M), install-sd(1M).

      These manuals are available on the HP-UX 11i Instant Information CD
      and at http://docs.hp.com/:

      +	 HP-UX 11i Installation and Update Guide
      +	 Software Distributor Administration Guide
      +	 Managing Systems and Workgroups
      +	 Managing Superdome Complexes

 Hewlett-Packard Company	    - 4 -     HP-UX Release 11i:  March 2002