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 spray(1M)							   spray(1M)

      spray - spray packets

      /usr/sbin/spray host [-c count] [-l length]

      spray sends a one-way stream of packets to host using RPC, then
      reports how many were received by host and what the transfer rate was.
      The host name can be either a name or an internet address.

      spray recognizes the following options and command-line arguments:

	   -c count	  Specifies how many packets to send.  The default
			  value of count is the number of packets required
			  to make the total stream size 100000 bytes.

	   -l length	  The number of bytes in the Ethernet packet holding
			  the RPC call message.	 Since the data is encoded
			  using XDR, and XDR only deals with 32-bit
			  quantities, not all values of length are possible.
			  The spray command rounds up to the nearest
			  possible value.  When length is greater than the
			  size of an Ethernet packet, the system breaks the
			  datagram into multiple Ethernet packets.  The
			  default value of length is 86 bytes (the size of
			  the RPC and UDP headers).

      spray was developed by Sun Microsystems, Inc.

      ping(1M), sprayd(1M).

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