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 show replica(1m)		     OSF		    show replica(1m)

      show replica - Displays attribute information about the specified

      cdscp show replica directory-name clearinghouse clearinghouse-name

		The full name of the directory

		The full name of the clearinghouse

		The name of a particular attribute; see Description for
		valid attribute names.

      The show replica command displays the directory-specific attributes as
      well as the per-replica attributes of the specified directory.  If you
      do not supply any attributes, the command displays all attributes and
      their values; any application-defined attributes that might exist will
      be included in the output of this command. You can enter one or more
      of the following attributes:

		Indicates the date and time of the last successful skulk on
		the directory.	All replicas of the directory are guaranteed
		to have received all updates whose timestamps are less than
		the value of this attribute.

		Specifies the degree of consistency among replicas. This
		attribute's value is defined as one of the following:

		low	  CDS does not immediately propagate an update. The
			  next skulk distributes all updates that occurred
			  since the previous skulk.  Skulks occur at least
			  once every 24 hours.

		medium	  CDS attempts to immediately propagate an update to
			  all replicas. If the attempt fails, the next
			  scheduled skulk makes the replicas consistent.
			  Skulks occur at least once every 12 hours.

 Hewlett-Packard Company	    - 1 -	      OSF DCE 1.1/HP DCE 1.8

 show replica(1m)	  Open Software Foundation	    show replica(1m)

		high	  CDS attempts to immediately propagate an update to
			  all replicas. If the attempt fails (for example,
			  if one of the replicas is unavailable), a skulk is
			  scheduled for within one hour. Skulks usually
			  occur at least once every 12 hours. Use this
			  setting temporarily and briefly, because it uses
			  extensive system resources.

		By default, every directory inherits the convergence setting
		of its parent at creation time. The default setting on the
		root directory is medium.

      CDS_CTS	Specifies the creation timestamp (CTS) of the directory of
		which this replica is a copy.

		Specifies the minimum of all the values of the
		CDS_ReplicaVersion attribute on the directory replicas.

      CDS_Epoch A UUID that identifies a particular incarnation of the

		Records the timestamp of the last skulk performed on this
		particular replica of a directory.

		Records the timestamp of the last update to any attribute of
		the replica, or any change to the contents of the replica,
		including object entries, child pointers, and soft links.

		Specifies the unique identifier of the directory of which
		this replica is a copy.

		Contains a pointer to this directory's parent in the

		Specifies the address, UUID, and name of every clearinghouse
		where a replica of this directory is located. This attribute
		also specifies whether the replica in a particular
		clearinghouse is a master or read-only replica.

		Specifies the internal state of a replica. When you create
		or delete a replica, it goes through various states.

 Hewlett-Packard Company	    - 2 -	      OSF DCE 1.1/HP DCE 1.8

 show replica(1m)	  Open Software Foundation	    show replica(1m)

		Specifies the replica type of a directory.

		Specifies the replica version of a directory.

		Specifies the UUID of a clearinghouse containing another
		replica of this directory.  This attribute is written by the
		system and is read-only to users.  It will appear on older
		directories, but not on DCE 1.1 directories.

      CDS_UTS	Specifies the timestamp of the most recent update to an
		attribute of the directory.

		Specifies the RPC runtime software version that can be used
		to import on the directory.

    Privilege Required
      You must have read permission to the directory from which the replica
      is created.

      This command is replaced at Revision 1.1 by the dcecp command and may
      not be provided in future releases of DCE.

      The following command displays the current values of all the
      attributes of the replica of the /.:/eng directory in the
      /.:/Chicago2_CH clearinghouse:

      dscp>&gt&gt> show replica /.:/eng clearinghouse /.:/Chicago2_CH

			   REPLICA   /.../abc.com/eng
				AT   1991-10-15-15:55:29
		  RPC_ClassVersion = 0100
			   CDS_CTS = 1991-10-15-12:09:47.000000003/08-00-2b-1c-8f-1f
			   CDS_UTS = 1991-10-17-07:59:50.000000006/08-00-2b-1c-8f-1f
		    CDS_ObjectUUID = 5816da70-8b1c-11ca-8981-08002b0f79aa
		      CDS_Replicas = :
	      Clearinghouse's UUID = 2ab024a8-8b1a-11ca-8981-08002b0f79aa
			     Tower = ncadg_ip_udp:
			     Tower = ncacn_ip_tcp:
		      Replica type = master
	      Clearinghouse's Name = /.../abc.com/Chicago1_CH
		      CDS_Replicas = :
	      Clearinghouse's UUID = 49757f28-8b1a-11ca-8981-08002b0f79aa
			     Tower = ncadg_ip_udp:

 Hewlett-Packard Company	    - 3 -	      OSF DCE 1.1/HP DCE 1.8

 show replica(1m)	  Open Software Foundation	    show replica(1m)

			     Tower = ncacn_ip_tcp:
		      Replica type = readonly
	      Clearinghouse's Name = /.../abc.com/Chicago2_CH
		       CDS_AllUpTo = 1991-10-17-07:51:18.000000032/08-00-2b-1c-8f-1f
		   CDS_Convergence = medium
		 CDS_ParentPointer = :
		     Parent's UUID = 560f1ad0-8b1c-11ca-8981-08002b0f79aa
			   Timeout = :
			Expiration = 1991-10-15-19:55:18.711
			 Extension = +1-00:00:00.000
	      CDS_DirectoryVersion = 3.0
		  CDS_ReplicaState = on
		   CDS_ReplicaType = readonly
		     CDS_LastSkulk = 1991-10-17-07:51:18.000000032/08-00-2b-1c-8f-1f
		    CDS_LastUpdate = 1991-10-21-12:04:02.000000044/08-00-2b-1c-8f-1f
		   CDS_RingPointer = 2ab024a8-8b1a-11ca-8981-08002b0f79aa
			 CDS_Epoch = 58472144-8b1c-11ca-8981-08002b0f79aa
		CDS_ReplicaVersion = 3.0

      Commands: create replica(1m), delete replica(1m)

 Hewlett-Packard Company	    - 4 -	      OSF DCE 1.1/HP DCE 1.8