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 import(1m)		  Open Software Foundation		  import(1m)

      import  - Imports binding information and an object UUID from a server

      rpccp import  starting-entry-name -i if-id [-v versions] [-e] [-n [
      [-o object-uuid] [-s  syntax] [-u]

      -i	Defines an interface identifier to be imported (required).
		You can import only one interface at a time.

		The value has the following form:


		The UUID is a hexadecimal string and the version numbers are
		decimal strings, for example:

		-i ec1eeb60-5943-11c9-a309-08002b102989,1.1

		Leading zeros in version numbers are ignored.

      -v	Indicates how a specified interface version is used
		(optional).  If it is used without the -i option, the -v
		option is ignored.  The possible combinations of versions
		for the -v option and their actions are as follows:

		     |Versions	 | Action			       |
		     |all	 | The interface version is ignored.   |
		     |exact	 | Both the major and minor versions   |
		     |		 | must match the specified versions.  |
		     |compatible | The major version must match the    |
		     |		 | specified version, and the minor    |
		     |		 | version must be greater than or     |
		     |		 | equal to the specified version.     |
		     |major_only | The major version must match the    |
		     |		 | specified version; the minor	       |
		     |		 | version is ignored.		       |
		     |upto	 | The major version must be less than |
		     |		 | or equal to that specified.	If the |
		     |		 | major versions are equal, the minor |
		     |		 | version must be less than or equal  |
		     |		 | to that specified.		       |

		If the -v option is absent, the command shows compatible

 Hewlett-Packard Company	    - 1 -	      OSF DCE 1.1/HP DCE 1.8

 import(1m)		  Open Software Foundation		  import(1m)

		version numbers.

      -e	Shows the name of the entry where the binding is found

      -n	Declares that the import operation is to continue until no
		more potential bindings are found (optional). Providing a
		numeric value to this option restricts the number of
		imported bindings.  If you omit the number, only one binding
		is imported.  If repeated, this operation may return the
		same binding.

		For example, -n imports all available bindings, and -n 5
		imports up to five bindings. Note that the imported bindings
		are displayed as string bindings.

      -o	Declares the UUID of an object to be imported (optional).
		Only one UUID can occur in a single operation.

		If an object is specified, the import operation limits its
		search to server entries that contain both the specified
		interface identifier and object UUID when searching for a
		potential binding.  Without the -o option, the import
		operation ignores object UUIDs.

		The UUID is a hexadecimal string, for example:

		-o 3c6b8f60-5945-11c9-a236-08002b102989

      -s	Indicates the name syntax of the entry name (optional). The
		only value for this option is the dce name syntax, which is
		the default name syntax. Until an alternative name syntax
		becomes available, specifying the -s option is unnecessary.

      -u	Updates the local CDS cache copy of name service data

		Name service data is cached locally on each machine in a
		cell.  If an rpccp inquiry can be satisfied by data in the
		local CDS cache, this cached data is returned.	Locally
		cached copies of name service data might not include a
		recent CDS update, however. If the required data is not
		available in the local CDS cache, rpccp goes to a CDS
		server(s) to retrieve the required data. rpccp then updates
		the local CDS cache.

		Using the -u option bypasses the local cache, allowing rpccp
		to go directly to a CDS server for the inquiry.	 rpccp then
		updates the local CDS cache.

 Hewlett-Packard Company	    - 2 -	      OSF DCE 1.1/HP DCE 1.8

 import(1m)		  Open Software Foundation		  import(1m)

		Indicates the name of the server entry where the import
		operation starts.  For an entry in the local cell, you can
		omit the cell name and specify only the cell-relative name.

      The import command imports binding information and an RPC object UUID
      for a specific RPC interface from a server entry. The name of the
      entry and the interface identifier are required. The entry name can
      refer to a server entry, a group, or a profile.

    Privilege Required
      You need read permission to the specified CDS object entry (the
      starting name service entry) and to any CDS object entry in the
      resulting search path.

      This command is replaced at Revision 1.1 by the dcecp command and may
      not be provided in future releases of DCE.

      The following commands run RPCCP and import an interface and object:

      pccp>&gt&gt>  import -i ec1eeb60-5943-11c9-a309-08002b102989,1.1\
       -o 30dbeea0-fb6c-11c9-8eea-08002b0f4528	\

      Commands: export(1m), show server(1m), unexport(1m)

 Hewlett-Packard Company	    - 3 -	      OSF DCE 1.1/HP DCE 1.8