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 rpc_intro(1m)		  Open Software Foundation	       rpc_intro(1m)

      rpc_intro - Introduction to DCE RPC daemon and RPC control program

      DCE RPC provides two administrative facilities, the RPC daemon and the
      RPC control program.

      Note:  These facilities are superceded by the DCE Host daemon
	     (dced) and the DCE control program (dcecp) for OSF DCE
	     version 1.1.

	+  The RPC daemon is a process that provides the Endpoint Map
	   Service, which maintains the local endpoint map for local RPC
	   servers and looks up endpoints for RPC clients.  An endpoint is
	   the address of a specific instance of a server executing in a
	   particular address space on a given system (a server instance).
	   Each endpoint can be used on a system by only one server at a

	   An endpoint map  is a database where servers register their
	   binding information, including endpoints, for each of their RPC
	   interfaces and the associated RPC objects. Each combination of
	   binding information, interface identifier, and object UUID uses a
	   distinct element in the local endoint map.

	   The rpcd command starts the RPC daemon.

	+  The control program provides a set of commands for accessing the
	   operations of the RPC name service interface (NSI).	For managing
	   endpoint maps, the control program supports showing endpoint map
	   elements and removing any set of map elements from the local
	   endpoint map or from any remote endpoint map.

	   The rpccp command starts the RPC control program (RPCCP).

      The RPC control program reports DCE error messages on the command
      line.  If the command executes successfully, the internal value
      returned is 0 (zero); otherwise, the value is -1 (negative one).

      Commands: dced, dcecp, rpcd(1m), rpccp(1m)

      Books: , ,

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