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 pfsd(1M)							    pfsd(1M)

      pfsd, pfsd.rpc - PFS daemon

      pfsd [nservers] [ -v ] [ -o options ]

      pfsd starts the daemons that handle client filesystem requests.
      nservers is the number of file system server daemons to start.  This
      number should be based on the load expected on this server.  The load
      is defined by the number of mounted file systems.

      Mounts are distributed in a round-robin fashion to the pfsd daemons.

      It is recommended that the pfsd daemon be invoked by rc(1M).  It must
      be invoked in the background.

      The PFSdaemon is composed of two programs: pfsd and pfsd.rpc.  The
      pfsd.rpc program should not be run directly.  It is invoked by the
      pfsd program.

      -v	    Verbose.  Show version number, etc.

      -o options    Specify filesystem options using a comma-separated list
		    from the following:

		    acsize=n	    The number of entries to keep in the
				    attribute cache (1390 bytes per entry).

		    bcsize=n	    The number of entries to keep in the
				    block cache (8244 bytes per entry).

		    lcsize=n	    The number of entries to keep in the
				    lookup cache (56 bytes per entry).

		    The defaults are: acsize=200,bcsize=25,lcsize=100

    Attributes Cache
      The server's attribute cache retains file attribute information on
      requests that have been made.  This provides faster access to entries
      which have previously been decoded.

    Lookup Cache
      The lookup cache holds information about the sequential nature of the
      directory entries.  This cache stores the location of the next
      directory entry.	When a request comes in for a directory entry, if
      the preceding directory entry had been accessed earlier, this location
      is examined first to see if the directory entry being requested
      matches the directory entry at that location.

 Hewlett-Packard Company	    - 1 -   HP-UX Release 11i: November 2000

 pfsd(1M)							    pfsd(1M)

    Block Cache
      This cache holds raw 8k blocks of recently accessed data.

      To start a pfs daemon with a 400 entry attribute cache:

	   pfsd -o acsize=400 &&amp&amp&

      To start 4 pfs daemons with the default cache sizes:

	   pfsd 4 &&amp&amp&

      It is not a good idea to have the cache sizes of the pfsd exceed the
      amount of physical memory (or actually a small portion thereof).	If
      the pfsd spends excessive amounts of time swapping to and from disk,
      the benefits of the caching are diminished.

      Specifying cache which consume more virtual memory than available will
      cause the daemon to die with a virtual memory error.

      pfsd was developed by Young Minds, Inc.


 Hewlett-Packard Company	    - 2 -   HP-UX Release 11i: November 2000