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 lsdev(1M)							   lsdev(1M)

      lsdev - list device drivers in the system

      /usr/sbin/lsdev [-h] [-d driver | -C class] [-b block_major]
	   [-c char_major] [-e major] [major ...]

      The lsdev command lists, one pair per line, the major device numbers
      and driver names of device drivers configured into the system and
      available for invocation via special files.  A -1 in either the block
      or character column means that a major number does not exist for that

      If no arguments are specified, lsdev lists all drivers configured into
      the system.

      If the -h option is specified, lsdev will not print a heading.  This
      option may be useful when the output of lsdev will be used by another

      The -d, -C, -b, -c, and -e options are used to select specific device
      drivers for output.  If more than one option is specified, all drivers
      that match the criteria specified by those options will be listed.
      These search options are divided into two types: name search keys (the
      -d and -C options) and major number search keys (the -b, -c, and -e
      options).	 If both types of options are present, only entries that
      match both types are printed.  The same type of option may appear more
      than once on the command line with each occurrence providing an ORing
      effect of that search type.  The -d and -C options may not be
      specified at the same time.

      The ability to process major arguments is provided for compatibility
      and functions like the -e option.

	   -C class	       List device drivers that match class.

	   -d driver	       List device drivers with the name driver.

	   -b block_major      List device drivers with a block major number
			       of block_major.

	   -c char_major       List device drivers with a character major
			       number of char_major.

	   -e major	       List device drivers with either a character
			       major number or block major equal to major.


 Hewlett-Packard Company	    - 1 -   HP-UX Release 11i: November 2000

 lsdev(1M)							   lsdev(1M)

      Invalid combination of options
	   The -d and -C options may not be specified at the same time.

      Invalid major number
	   A major number is malformed or out of range.

      To output entries for all drivers in the pseudo class:

	   lsdev -C pseudo

      To output entries that are in the class disk that have either a block
      or character major number of 0:

	   lsdev -C disk -e 0

      To get the character major number of my_driver into a shell
      environment variable:

	   C_MAJOR=$(lsdev -h -d my_driver | awk '{print $1}')

      Some device drivers available from the system may be intended for use
      by other drivers.	 Attempting to use them directly from a special file
      may produce unexpected results.

      A driver may be listed even when the hardware requiring the driver is
      not present.  Attempts to access a driver without the corresponding
      hardware will fail.

      lsdev only lists drivers that are configured into the currently
      executing kernel.	 For a complete list of available drivers, please
      run sam (see sam(1M).

      Since lsdev relies on the device driver information provided in a
      driver_install routine, lsdev may not list drivers installed by other

      lsdev was developed by HP.


      Section 7 entries related to specific device drivers.

      Managing Systems and Workgroups manual.

 Hewlett-Packard Company	    - 2 -   HP-UX Release 11i: November 2000