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 lanscan(1M)							 lanscan(1M)

      lanscan - display LAN device configuration and status

      lanscan [-aimnpqv] [system [core]]

      lanscan displays the following information about each LAN device and
      VLAN interface that has software support on the system:

	   +  Hardware Path.

	   +  Active Station Address (also known as Physical Address).

	   +  Card Instance Number.

	   +  Hardware State.

	   +  Network Interface ``NamePPA''.   The Network Interface
	      ``Name'' and the ``PPA'' (Physical Point of Attachment) number
	      are concatenated together.  A single hardware device may have
	      multiple ``NamePPA'' identifiers, which indicates multiple
	      encapsulation methods may be supported on the device.  For
	      Ethernet/IEEE 802.3 links, the ``Name'' lan is used to
	      designate Ethernet encapsulation, and snap for IEEE 802.3
	      encapsulation.  For other links (FDDI, Token Ring), only the
	      lan encapsulation designation is used.

	   +  Network Management ID.

	   +  MAC Type.

	   +  HP DLPI Supported.  Indicates whether or not the lan device
	      driver will work with HP's Common Data Link Provider

	   +  DLPI Major Number.

	   +  Extended Station Address for those interfaces which require
	      more than 48 bits.  This is displayed only when the -v option
	      is selected.

	   +  Encapsulation Methods that the Network Interface supports.
	      This is displayed only when the -v option is selected.

      If the interface corresponds to VLAN, then lanscan displays VLAN# as
      its h/w path. Here '#' is a number that uniquely identifies a VLAN

      The arguments system and core allow substitution for the default
      values /stand/vmunix and /dev/kmem.

 Hewlett-Packard Company	    - 1 -      HP-UX 11i Version 1: Jan 2002

 lanscan(1M)							 lanscan(1M)

      lanscan recognizes the following command-line options:

	   -a	   Display station addresses only.  No headings.

	   -i	   Display interface names only.  No headings.

	   -m	   Display MAC types only.  No headings.

	   -n	   Display Network Managements IDs only.  No headings.

	   -p	   Display PPA and/or VPPA (PPA associated with a VLAN)
		   numbers only.  No headings.

	   -q	   Same as -p, except link aggregate PPA's will be followed
		   by a list of LAN interface PPA's that are configured in
		   the corresponding link aggregate. No headings.

	   -v	   Verbose output.  Multiple lines per interface.  Includes
		   displaying of extended station address and supported
		   encapsulation methods. If the interface corresponds to
		   VLAN, it displays VLAN specific information also - VLAN
		   id, PPA of physical interface on which VLAN is created,
		   Priority, ToS, Priority Override, ToS Override and VLAN
		   name (see vlan(7)).

      lanscan does not display information about LAN devices that do not
      have software support such as LAN interface cards that fail to bind
      properly at boot-up time.

      lanscan was developed by HP.

      ifconfig(1M), ioscan(1M), lanadmin(1M), linkloop(1M), lan(7), vlan(7).

 Hewlett-Packard Company	    - 2 -      HP-UX 11i Version 1: Jan 2002