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 irdfd(1M)							   irdfd(1M)

      irdfd - Internal RAID Disk Firmware Download Utility

      /opt/raid4si/bin/irdfd -d <&lt&lt&lt;device file>&gt&gt&gt; -p '<&lt&lt&lt;channel>&gt&gt&gt;:<&lt&lt&lt;target>&gt&gt&gt;' -f
	   <&lt&lt&lt;firmware filename>&gt&gt&gt;

      The irdfd utility performs online disk firmware download through the
      Internal RAID controller.	 This utility may only be used by HP support
      personnel.  HP shall not be liable for any damages resulting from
      misuse or unauthorized use of this utility.  Since this utility does
      not include checking to ensure against incorrect firmware or
      regression of firmware revision, every effort must be made by the user
      to guard against updating incorrect firmware as it can make the device
      permanently unusable and data could be lost.

      To update disk firmware using this utility, you need to obtain the
      appropriate and unwrapped firmware version for the disk.	Make sure
      the controller and the disk are not in use before updating firmware.
      If irmd(1M) is running, download may fail occasionally.  Run the
      utility again if this occurs.  Firmware download may take up to
      several minutes, depending on the type of disk.

      irdfd requires the following command line options:

	   -d <&lt&lt&lt;device file>&gt&gt&gt;	    Specify the device file of the Internal
				    RAID controller to which the disk is
				    connected (/dev/iopXX).

	   -p '<&lt&lt&lt;channel>&gt&gt&gt;:<&lt&lt&lt;target>&gt&gt&gt;'
				    Specify the channel number and target ID
				    of the disk to download firmware.

	   -f <&lt&lt&lt;firmware filename>&gt&gt&gt;   Specify the file that contains the
				    firmware image.

      For example, you need to specify the following options to download
      firmware file DMVS09D.HP07 to the disk at channel 0 with target ID 8
      for the Internal RAID controller with device file /dev/iop0:

	   /opt/raid4si/bin/irdfd -d /dev/iop0 -p '0:8' -f DMVS09D.HP07

      irdfd was developed by HP.

      /opt/raid4si/bin/irdfd   Executable file.

 Hewlett-Packard Company	    - 1 -	  Formatted:  August 2, 2006

 irdfd(1M)							   irdfd(1M)

      irdiag(1M), irm(1M), irmd(1M), i2outil(1M), sam(1M), diskinfo(1M),

      System Administration Tasks
      RAID 4Si User's Guide

 Hewlett-Packard Company	    - 2 -	  Formatted:  August 2, 2006