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 icodd(1M)							   icodd(1M)

      icodd - instant Capacity on Demand (iCOD) daemon

      Path:   /usr/lbin

      icodd is installed and started as part of the iCOD software on all
      potential iCOD systems, and re-spawns itself if killed.  Note that
      other iCOD commands fail if this daemon is not running because the
      operations this daemon performs are vital in keeping the complex wide
      view of the iCOD state current.  The following entry is added to
      /etc/inittab (at the bottom) in order to have icodd start and re-spawn

	 icod:23456:respawn:/usr/lbin/icodd  # iCOD daemon

      This daemon is not started on hardware that is not supported under the
      iCOD program.  If icodd is installed and running on a system with iCOD
      components (processors, cells, memory) present, it sends daily asset
      report e-mail to HP, tracks temporary capacity, sends exception
      notifications, and maintains a healthy iCOD state.

      For more information about the functions that icodd performs for iCOD
      systems, view the iCOD User's Guide located at

      The icodd daemon reports errors via syslog (see syslog(3C)).
      Exception notification e-mail is sent to root and to the system
      contact e-mail address (configured via the icod_modify command (see

      The icodd daemon performs periodic operations based on the time of
      day.  The icodd daemon is spawned by init and gets its timezone
      specification from the /etc/default/tz file.  By default the timezone
      specified in /etc/default/tz is EST5EDT.	You can specify which
      timezone the icodd daemon uses to interpret its current time by
      modifying the /etc/default/tz file.  Refer to environ(5) for details
      of the TZ format.	 A restart of the icodd daemon is required before
      the new timezone value takes effect (i.e.	 kill the  /usr/lbin/icodd

       was developed by HP.

      icod_modify(1M), icod_stat(1M), icod_notify(1M), icod(5)

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