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 i4tv(1M)							    i4tv(1M)

      i4tv - verify that LicensePower/iFOR License Servers are working

      i4tv [-n hostname | -z | -v] [-h | -usage | -version]

      The i4tv tool can be used after the license servers have been started
      to verify that that they are running properly.  The i4tv program
      resides in the /opt/ifor/ls/bin directory.  A message describing a
      completed license transaction and a list of all license servers will
      be displayed.  Once a license server has been configured using
      i4config, the i4tv tool is used to quickly verify the status of the
      license server i4lmd.

      -n hostname    The -n option is used to check that the specified
		     machine is running a license server.  It returns 0 if
		     the hostname is running i4lmd and it returns 1 if the
		     hostname is not running i4lmd.

      -z	     The -z option turns on RPC tracing messages, which can
		     be used to diagnose problems.

      -v	     Displays progress messages during the license request

      -h	     Displays command usage information (same as -usage).

      -usage	     Displays command usage information (same as -h).

      -version	     Displays command version information.

      If you can run i4tv successfully but are still having a problem with a
      licensed product, the problem is probably with the licenses, or
      possibly with the product itself: in this case, talk to the vendor of
      the licensed software product.

      If you can not run i4tv successfully or it takes more than 10 seconds
      to retrieve a license, verify that glbd and i4lmd are running. Use the
      utility lb_admin to clean the database.  Answer YES to all database
      entries that do not respond. If you receive one of the error messages
      listed below, use the explanation of the error to fix the problem.
      Then try running i4tv again.

      If you can not run i4tv successfully and receive an error that's not
      listed below, it means there is a problem with the software on which
      LicensePower/iFOR ARK is layered (for example, TCP), or a hardware

 Hewlett-Packard Company	    - 1 -   HP-UX Release 11i: November 2000

 i4tv(1M)							    i4tv(1M)

      A printable on-line administration guide is also available. (See the
      FILES section below.)

      netls_no_svrs_found	    No license servers are running or
				    someone has deleted the
				    LicensePower/iFOR Test Vendor from the
				    license servers.

      netls_license_not_found	    Someone has deleted the Test Vendor
				    licenses that each server automatically
				    installs the first time that it starts.
				    This prohibits anyone from using the
				    test and verification tool (i4tv).

      netls_not_authorized	    Someone has edited the user file to
				    restrict the use of i4tv.

      netls_bad_timestamp	    System clocks have not been synchronized
				    to within 12 hours.

      Run the i4tv test and verification tool:


      i4TV Version 4.0 -- LicensePower/iFOR Test and Verification Tool
      A product of Isogon Corporation
      Completed license transaction on node 3541b8 running LicensePower/iFOR 4.0
      Active LicensePower/iFOR Servers:
	 hp_snake.gradient.com (HP-UX) running LicensePower/iFOR Version 3.0.0

      Check for the presence of the license server hp1030:

      i4tv -n hp1030

      A product of Isogon Corporation
      hp1030 running

    LSSERV Software Obsolescence
      HP intends to remove LicensePower/iFOR from the core HP-UX product in
      a future release.	 The licensing product can be obtained directly from
      Isogon Corporation, the owner of the product.

      For further information about LSSERV support, see the Isogon
      Corporation website at http://www.isogon.com.

      Competitive information is also available at these websites:

 Hewlett-Packard Company	    - 2 -   HP-UX Release 11i: November 2000

 i4tv(1M)							    i4tv(1M)

	   FLEX/lm via http://www.globetrotter.com

	   SentinelLM via http://www.rainbow.com


      /opt/ifor/ls/doc/i4admin.pdf	       LicensePower/iFOR
					       Administrator's Guide (PDF

      i4tv was developed by HP and Gradient Technologies, Inc.	It is
      currently a product owned by Isogon Corporation.

      i4admin(1M), i4lmd(1M), i4start(1M), i4stop(1M), i4target(1M).

      LicensePower/iFOR Administrator's Guide available in /opt/ifor/ls/doc/
      in PDF format.

      Isogon Corporation information on LicensePower/iFOR at:

      Complete HP-UX documentation at http://docs.hp.com.

 Hewlett-Packard Company	    - 3 -   HP-UX Release 11i: November 2000