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 i2outil(1M)							 i2outil(1M)

      i2outil - Utility Command for the I2O Internal RAID Adapter

      /usr/sbin/i2outil device_file get_lct

      /usr/sbin/i2outil device_file get_status_buf

      /usr/sbin/i2outil device_file get_group1_parms

      /usr/sbin/i2outil device_file get_stats

      /usr/sbin/i2outil device_file clear_stats

      /usr/sbin/i2outil device_file download <DDM/IRTOS/PRIV> <file_name>

      The i2outil command is a diagnostic tool to be used for the I2O
      internal RAID Adapter Card. This command provides the ability to
      obtain I2O related information such as displaying the Logical
      Configuration Table (LCT), Status Buffer, and Group1 parameter values
      of the Executive Parameter Group, provides the ability to get/clear
      statistics of the IOP driver, and can be used to download firmware to
      the card. This command requires the use of a device file to indicate
      the interface over which the requested command needs to be performed.
      i2outil can be used only by users who have an effective user ID of 0.

      i2outil recognizes the following options as indicated in SYNOPSIS. All
      keywords are in lower case and are position dependent.

      device_file Has to be used with other options.

      get_lct This option displays important field values of the entries in
      the Logical Configuration Table (LCT).

      get_status_buf This option displays important field values of the
      Status Buffer.

      get_group1_parms This option displays important field values in
      Executive Parameter Group1.

      get_stats This option displays the statistics maintained by the IOP

      clear_stats This option is used to clear the statistics maintained by
      the IOP driver.

      download This option is used to download an image to the adapter.	 It
      requires two parameters. The type of image to be downloaded

 Hewlett-Packard Company	    - 1 -	  Formatted:  August 2, 2006

 i2outil(1M)							 i2outil(1M)

      <DDM/IRTOS/PRIV> and the name of the file which contains the module

      To download firmware to the Internal RAID adapter, the type of image
      is specified as PRIV and the file should contain the firmware image.

      i2outil was developed by HP.

      /usr/sbin/i2outil	       Executable file.

      /dev/iop[0-31]	       Device file.

      irm(1M), irmd(1M), irdisplay(1M), irdiag(1M), sam(1M), diskinfo(1M),

      System Administration Tasks
      RAID 4Si User's Guide

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