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 fscat_vxfs(1M)						      fscat_vxfs(1M)

      fscat - cat a VxFS file system

      /usr/sbin/fscat [-F vxfs] [-f output-file] [-o offset] [-l length] [-b
	   block_size] special

      fscat provides an interface to a VxFS snapshot file system similar to
      that provided by dd invoked on the block or character special file of
      regular VxFS file systems.

      On most VxFS file systems, the block or character special file for the
      file system provides access to a raw image of the file system to back
      up the file system to tape.  On a snapshot file system, access to the
      corresponding block or character special file provides little useful
      information.  fscat provides a stream of bytes representing the file
      system snapshot.	This datastream is written by default to standard
      output, although the -f output-file option can be used to specify
      another destination.  The datastream on standard output can be
      processed several ways, such as in a pipeline, or written to a tape.
      fscat works when executed on the special device of any VxFS file

      By default, the output is a stream of bytes that starts at the
      beginning of the file system and continues to the last byte.  On a
      snapshot file system, data is read from the file system using special
      ioctls on the mount point.  On other VxFS file systems, data is read
      from the specified special file.	Unless otherwise specified, data is
      written to standard output.

      All numbers entered as option arguments may have 0 as a prefix to
      indicate octal, or 0x as a prefix to indicate hexadecimal.  A b or B
      may be appended to indicate the value is in 512-byte blocks, a k or K
      to indicate the value is in kilobytes, an m or M to indicate the value
      is in megabytes, or a g or G to indicate the value is in gigabytes.
      An appended letter may be separated from the number by a space, in
      which case the letter and number should be enclosed in a set of
      quotes. For example:

	   "512 b"

      All numbers entered as options must be in multiples of 512 bytes.	 For
      example, a value of 5713 as an offset is rejected.

      -b block_size  Specify the output block size, in bytes.  block_size
		     must be less than or equal to 1 megabyte.

      -F vxfs	     Specify the VxFS file system type.

 Hewlett-Packard Company	    - 1 -   HP-UX Release 11i: November 2000

 fscat_vxfs(1M)						      fscat_vxfs(1M)

      -f output-file Specify an output file in which to write the

      -l length	     Specify the transfer length, in bytes.  A length of 0
		     includes the remainder of the file system after the
		     specified offset.

      -o offset	     Specify the starting offset in bytes.

      Snapshot file systems are only available with the HP OnLineJFS

      A snapshot file system cannot be written to.  A snapshot file system
      exists only as long as it is mounted; once unmounted, the special file
      no longer contains a snapshot file system.

      dd(1), fs_vxfs(4), vxfsio(7).

 Hewlett-Packard Company	    - 2 -   HP-UX Release 11i: November 2000