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 dce_intro(1m)		  Open Software Foundation	       dce_intro(1m)

      dce_intro - Introduction to the general DCE administration tools

      This section describes publicly accessible DCE administration commands
      that are general to DCE rather than specific to a particular
      component.  These commands are as follows:

      csrc	The csrc utility is the code set registry compiler, which
		builds a DCE character and code set registry on a host from
		a source file supplied by a cell administrator.
		Administrators run the csrc utility when they are building
		an "internationalized" DCE cell.

		The dce_config shell command invokes a menu-driven interface
		that installs, configures, and starts up DCE.  The
		dce_config command displays a hierarchy of menus and invokes
		individual installation and configuration routines,
		according to users' menu selections.

      dcecp	The dcecp control program is the primary DCE administration
		interface, providing remote access to routine DCE
		administrative functions.

      dced	The DCE host daemon is a process that provides services for
		the local host, and is also the server used by remote
		applications to access these host services.

		Returns the name of the local cell.

      getip	Returns the IP address for a given machine name.

      See each command's reference page for further information.

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