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 convertfs(1M)						       convertfs(1M)

      convertfs - convert an HFS file system to allow long file names

      /usr/sbin/convertfs [-q] [special-file]

      The convertfs command converts an existing HFS file system supporting
      the default maximum file name length of 14 characters into one that
      supports file names up to 255 characters long.  Once an HFS file
      system is converted to long file names, it cannot be restored to its
      original state, since the longer file names require a directory
      representation that is incompatible with the default HFS directory
      format.  Since this is an irreversible operation, convertfs prompts
      for verification before it performs a conversion.

      convertfs forces the system to reboot if the root file system is
      converted.  When converting the root file system, the system should be
      in single-user mode, with all unnecessary processes terminated and all
      non-root file systems unmounted.	Except for the root file system,
      convertfs requires that the file system to be converted be unmounted.

      If invoked without arguments, convertfs interactively prompts the user
      with a list of the HFS file systems from /etc/fstab.  One or more or
      all of the listed file systems can be selected for conversion.
      Typically, it is desirable to convert all of the file systems in
      /etc/fstab to avoid inconsistencies between two file systems mounted
      on the same system.

      convertfs can also be invoked with an argument of either a block or
      character special-file of a file system to be converted.	Only the
      block special file should be specified for a mounted root file system.

      As part of the conversion process, convertfs performs an fsck on each
      file system (see fsck(1M)).

	   -q	     Do quietly.  convertfs will perform the conversions
		     without querying the user.	 Normally convertfs prompts
		     the user before converting a file system.

      convertfs returns the following values:

	    0	     Success.  Either convertfs successfully converted the
		     file system, or the file system already allowed long
		     file names.

	   non-0     Failure.  convertfs was not able to convert the file
		     system due to some failure in processing.

 Hewlett-Packard Company	    - 1 -   HP-UX Release 11i: November 2000

 convertfs(1M)						       convertfs(1M)

      convertfs was developed by HP.

      /etc/fstab	  Default list of file systems to check.

      fsck(1M), mkfs(1M), newfs(1M), fs(4), fstab(4).

 Hewlett-Packard Company	    - 2 -   HP-UX Release 11i: November 2000