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 change(1m)		  Open Software Foundation		  change(1m)

      change - Alters the epoch number and time on the local node

      dtscp change epoch integer [time absolute-time]

      epoch integer
		Specifies the new epoch number (0-255).
		 This argument is required.

      time absolute-time
		Specifies a clock setting for the new epoch. If you do not
		supply this argument and a value, the server uses the
		current clock time with an unspecified inaccuracy and
		initiates a synchronization. This argument is optional.

      The change command sets the time and changes the epoch of the DTS
      server on which it is entered. Use this command to isolate a server
      from the rest of the servers in the network before changing the time.

    Permissions Required
      You must have write permission on the ACL associated with the DTS
      entity in order to execute the command.

      This command is valid only for servers. The new epoch number you
      specify must be different from the current epoch number.

      This command is replaced at Revision 1.1 by the dcecp command and may
      not be provided in future releases of DCE.

       1.  The following example shows how to change the epoch number:

	   tscp>&gt&gt> change epoch 1

       2.  The following example shows how to change the epoch number and

	   tscp>&gt&gt> change epoch 1 time 1990-11-30-10:58:00.000-05:00I0.000

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