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 auto_parms(1M)						      auto_parms(1M)

      auto_parms - initial system configuration/DHCP support script


      auto_parms is a system initialization script whose primary
      responsibility lies in handling first time boot configuration and
      ongoing management of the DHCP lease(s).	auto_parms is invoked at
      boot time by the /sbin/rc script.	 Initially, it will load a list of
      available ethernet interfaces and begin requesting a DHCP lease on
      each interface, stopping when a valid lease is secured or the list is

      As a part of checking for the availability of a lease on a particular
      interface, auto_parms will also consult /etc/rc.config.d/netconf and
      examine the variable DHCP_ENABLE[index].	If DHCP_ENABLE[index] is set
      to '1', auto_parms will attempt to request a lease on the the
      interface designated by 'index'.	If DHCP_ENABLE[index] is set to '0'
      (the default case) or does not exist in /etc/rc.config.d/netconf,
      auto_parms will not attempt the DHCP request over the interface.

      Once a lease is secured, the information supplied with the lease will
      be used to initialize key networking parameters (see dhcpdb2conf(1M)).

      If auto_parms detects that the system is going through a "first time
      boot" (keyed by the hostname for the system not being set), it will
      invoke set_parms for the purpose of verifying the DHCP supplied
      parameters as well as collecting any parameters not supplied by DHCP.

      For all subsequent boots, the data supplied by a DHCP lease is assumed
      to be definitive and will be recognized as such by auto_parms.  Note
      that in an environment (non-mobile) where DHCP is being used for IP
      address management, the lease information will not change from boot to
      boot under normal conditions.  This is accomplished by auto_parms
      ensuring that the dhcpclient is placed in "lease maintenance mode"
      prior to exiting.


      See /sbin/rc for invocation context


 Hewlett-Packard Company	    - 1 -   HP-UX Release 11i: November 2000