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 AM60Srvr(1M)							AM60Srvr(1M)

      AM60Srvr - disk array server daemon


      AM60Srvr is the server portion of the Array Manager 60 management
      software. It monitors the operation and performance of the disk array,
      and services external requests from clients executing disk array
      commands.	 AM60Srvr monitors disk array performance and status,
      maintains disk array logs, and allows clients to examine and change
      disk array configuration.

      AM60Srvr must be running to allow management of the disk array using
      the command line utilities. Host I/Os are not dependent on AM60Srvr
      and are serviced regardless of whether it is running or not.  Because
      of its importance in managing the disk arrays, AM60Srvr is launched
      automatically when the system is booted.

      This command is modified for all security configurations.

    Security Behavior/Restrictions
      Use of this command is restricted to authorized users only.

    Command Authorizations
      This command requires the sysadmin authorization to successfully

      The command has been modified to support least privilege. The
      potential privileges possessed by the command and their uses include:

      allowdacread	  This privilege is raised to provide discretionary
			  read access to the devices.

      allowdacwrite	  This privilege is raised to provide discretionary
			  write access to the devices.

      allowmacread	  This privilege is raised to provide mandatory read
			  access to the devices.

      allowmacwrite	  This privilege is raised to provide mandatory
			  write access to the devices.

      filesysops	  This privilege is raised to allow the mknod(2)
			  system call to succeed.

      writeaudit	  The command generates its own audit records and
			  submits these directly to the system audit trail.

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 AM60Srvr(1M)							AM60Srvr(1M)

			  This privilege is raised whenever the command
			  needs to write an audit record.

      All significant changes in disk array status detected by AM60Srvr are
      entered in /var/adm/syslog/syslog.log.  These entries form a history
      of disk array operation and can be used to track operation.

      AM60Srvr was developed by HP.

      The following files support the operation of AM60Srvr.  These files
      are typically located in /opt/hparray/lib/nls/msg/C/.

      AM60Srvr.cat	  Message catalog file

      am60cl.cat	  Message catalog file for all command line clients

      fwerrcod.cat	  Message catalog file for command line clients

      oemmsg01.cat	  Message catalog for OEM-specific messages

      amdsp(1M), amcfg(1M), amutil(1M), amlog(1M), ammgr(1M).

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