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YPPASSWD(1)                 General Commands Manual                YPPASSWD(1)

       yppasswd - change your network password in the NIS database

       yppasswd [ username ]

       ypchfn [ username ]

       ypchsh [ username ]

       This  command  is  available  with the Networking software installation
       option.  Refer to for information on how to install optional software.

       yppasswd changes (or installs) the network password associated with the
       user  username  (your  own  name by default) in the Network Information
       Service (NIS) database.  The NIS password may  be  different  from  the
       local one on your own machine.  See passwd(1).

       ypchfn  changes the full name associated with username in the NIS data-

       ypchsh changes the login shell associated  with  username  in  the  NIS

       yppasswd  prompts  for  the old NIS password, and then for the new one.
       You must type in the old password correctly  for  the  change  to  take
       effect.  The new password must be typed twice, to forestall mistakes.

       New passwords must be at least four characters long, if they use a suf-
       ficiently rich alphabet, and at least six characters long if  monocase.
       These rules are relaxed if you are insistent enough.  Only the owner of
       the name or the super-user may change a password; in  either  case  you
       must prove you know the old password.

       The  NIS  password  daemon,  yppasswdd(8C)  must be running on your NIS
       server in order for the new password to take effect.

       passwd(1), ypfiles(5), yppasswdd(8C)

       The update protocol passes all the information to the server in one RPC
       call,  without  ever looking at it.  Thus if you type in your old pass-
       word incorrectly, you will not be notified until after you have entered
       your new password.

       The  Network Information Service (NIS) was formerly known as Sun Yellow
       Pages (YP).  The functionality of the two remains the  same;  only  the
       name  has  changed.  The name Yellow Pages is a registered trademark in
       the United Kingdom of British Telecommunications plc, and  may  not  be
       used without permission.

                                20 January 1990                    YPPASSWD(1)