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WHOIS(1)                    General Commands Manual                   WHOIS(1)

       whois - TCP/IP Internet user name directory service

       whois [ -h host ] identifier

       whois searches for an TCP/IP directory entry for an identifier which is
       either a name (such as "Smith") or a handle (such as  "SRI-NIC").   You
       can  force  a name-only search by preceding the name with a period; you
       can force a handle-only search by preceding the handle with an exclama-
       tion point. See EXAMPLES.

       If  you  are  searching for a group or organization entry, you can have
       the entire membership list of the group displayed with  the  record  by
       preceding the argument with `*' (an asterisk).

       You  may  of  course use an exclamation point and asterisk, or a period
       and asterisk together.

              example% whois Smith

       looks for name or handle SMITH.

              example% whois \!SRI-NIC

       looks for handle SRI-NIC only.

                     example% whois '.Smith, John'

       looks for name ``John Smith'' only.

       Adding `...'  to the name or handle argument will match  anything  from
       that point; that is, `ZU...'  will match ZUL, ZUM, etc.

                               9 September 1987                       WHOIS(1)