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WHO(1)                      General Commands Manual                     WHO(1)

       who - who is logged in on the system

       who [ who-file ] [ am i ]

       Used  without  arguments,  who lists the login name, terminal name, and
       login time for each current user.  who gets this information  from  the
       /etc/utmp file.

       If  a filename argument is given, the named file is examined instead of
       /etc/utmp.  Typically the named file is /var/adm/wtmp, which contains a
       record  of  all  logins  since it was created.  In this case, who lists
       logins, logouts, and crashes.  Each login is  listed  with  user  name,
       terminal name (with /dev/ suppressed), and date and time.  Logouts pro-
       duce a similar line without a user name.  Reboots produce a  line  with
       `~'  in place of the device name, and a fossil time indicating when the
       system went down.  Finally, the adjacent pair of entries  `|'  and  `}'
       indicate  the  system-maintained time just before and after a date com-
       mand changed the system's idea of the time.

       With two arguments, as in `who am i' (and also `who is who'), who tells
       who  you are logged in as:  it displays your hostname, login name, ter-
       minal name, and login time.

              example% who am i
              example!ralph  ttyp0     Apr 27 11:24

              example% who
              mktg   ttym0   Apr 27 11:11
              gwen   ttyp0   Apr 27 11:25
              ralph       ttyp1   Apr 27 11:30


       login(1), w(1), whoami(1), utmp(5V), locale(5)

                               23 September 1987                        WHO(1)