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VTROFF(1)                   General Commands Manual                  VTROFF(1)

       vtroff - troff to a raster plotter

       vtroff  [ -wx ] [ -F majorfont ] [ -llength ] [ -123 minorfont ] troff-

       This command is  available  with  the  Versatec  software  installation
       option.  Refer to for information on how to install optional software.

       vtroff  runs  troff(1)  sending  its output through various programs to
       produce typeset output on a raster plotter such as a Benson-Varian or a

       -w     Specify that a wide output device be used; the default is to use
              a narrow device.

       -x     Simulate photo-typesetter output exactly.  As with,   using  the
              width tables for the C.A.T. photo-typesetter.

       -F fontname
              Specify  fontname  as the desired font.  This will place normal,
              italic and bold versions of the font on positions 1, 2,  and  3.
              The  default font is a Hershey font.  argument and then the font

              Split the output  onto  successive  pages  every  length  inches
              rather than the default 11 inches.

       -123 minorfont
              Place  a font only on a single position specified by -n (where n
              is 1, 2, or 3) and the minor font name.  A .r will be  added  to
              the minor font name if needed.  Thus
                     vtroff -ms paper

              will set a paper in the Hershey font, while
                     vtroff -F nonie -ms paper

              will set the paper in the (sans serif) nonie font.

                           default font mounts and bug fixes
       /usr/lib/fontinfo/* fixes for other fonts
       /usr/lib/vfont      directory containing fonts

       troff(1), vfont(5)

       Since  some macro packages work correctly only if the fonts named R, I,
       B, and S are mounted, and  since  the  Versatec  fonts  have  different
       widths  for  individual characters than the fonts found on the typeset-
       ter, the following dodge was necessary: If you do not use the .fp troff
       directive  then  you  get  the  widths of the standard typesetter fonts
       suitable for shipping the output of troff over the network to the  com-
       puter  center A machine for phototypesetting.  If, however, you remount
       the R, I, B and S fonts, then you get the width  tables  for  the  Ver-

4th Berkeley Distribution      21 December 1987                      VTROFF(1)