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VSWAP(1)                    General Commands Manual                   VSWAP(1)

       vswap - convert a foreign font file

       /usr/lib/vswap [ -r ]

       This  command  is  available  with  the  Versatec software installation
       option.  Refer to for information on how to install optional software.

       Without the -r option, vswap translates its standard input (which  must
       be  a  vfont(5) file in the reversed-byte order) into a locally correct
       vfont file on its standard output.  With the -r  option,  vswap  trans-
       lates  its standard input (which must be a vfont file in the local-byte
       order) into a byte-reversed vfont file on its standard output.

       The UNIX system vfont representation for fonts is a  binary  file  con-
       taining  machine-dependent elements -- short (16-bit) integers, in par-
       ticular.  There are (at least) two common ways of representing a 16-bit
       integer.  A program compiled on a VAX will expect the VAX format, while
       the same program compiled on a machine using  a  Motorola  68000-family
       processor  or  a SPARC processor will expect the reverse format.  vswap
       can be used to convert font files  created  on  a  VAX  to  the  format
       required  to  use  them  on Suns.  (All Suns use the same vfont format,
       regardless of the native byte order of the  processor,  including  Suns
       that  use the Intel 80386 processor.  Programs that will be run on Suns
       that use the Intel 80386 processor must be aware of this,  and  convert
       the  machine-dependent  elements  when they read or write vfont files.)
       It can also convert Sun-format font files to VAX format  (with  the  -r

       troff(1), vfont(5)

       A machine-independent font format should be defined.

                                10 January 1988                       VSWAP(1)