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uutry(1)							     uutry(1)


  uutry	- Tries	to contact remote system with debugging	on


  uutry	[system]


  The uutry command is a shell that invokes uucico to call a remote site,
  system.  Debugging is	turned on (level 9).  The debugging output is put
  into the file	/tmp/system.  A	tail -f	on this	file is	executed so that the
  debugging output is printed on the terminal during execution.	 Typing	the
  Interrupt key	sequence gives control back to the terminal while uucico con-
  tinues to run, putting its output in /tmp/system.

  The uutry command overrides any retry	period for a remote system and will
  attempt to establish a connection immediately.

  The output file, /tmp/system is overwritten each time	uutry is executed to


      On a given system, this file contains a list of remote sites accessible
      through the UUCP protocol.

      The primary security file	for uucp which specifies access	permissions
      for remote systems.

      Contains information about devices on the	local system that can estab-
      lish a connection	to a remote computer using the uucp program.

      The spool	directory where	uucp maintains its temporary work files.

      Contains lock files that prevent multiple	uses of	devices	and multiple
      calls to systems.

      Called the public	directory on a given system, UUCP uses it for sending
      and receiving information; ~uucp is a brief way of specifying it.

      A	file created by	uutry to contain traces	generated by uucico while
      connecting to system, system.


  Commands:  uucico(8)