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UUSTAT(1C)                                                          UUSTAT(1C)

       uustat - UUCP status inquiry and job control

       uustat -a|-m|-p|-q|-kjobid|-rjobid

       uustat [ -ssystem ] [ -uuser ]

       This command is available with the uucp software  installation  option.
       Refer to for information on how to install optional software.

       uustat  displays  the  status  of,  or  cancels,  previously  specified
       uucp(1C)  commands.   It also reports the status of uucp connections to
       other systems.  When no options are given, uustat displays  the  status
       of all uucp requests issued by the current user.

       Only one of the following options can be specified at a time:

       -a     Output all jobs in queue.

       -m     Report the status of accessibility of all machines.

       -p     Execute a ps for all the PIDs listed in the lock files.

       -q     List  the jobs queued for each machine.  If a status file exists
              for the machine, its  date,  time  and  status  information  are
              reported.   In addition, if a number appears in parentheses next
              to the number of C.  or X.  files, it is the age in days of  the
              oldest  C./X.  file for that system.  The Retry field represents
              the number of hours until the next possible call.  The Count  is
              the  number  of  failure  attempts.  For systems with a moderate
              number of outstanding jobs, this could take 30 seconds  or  more
              to execute.  An example of the output from -q is:
                     eagle   3C  04/07-11:07 NO DEVICES AVAILABLE
                     mh3bs3  2C  07/07-10:42 SUCCESSFUL

              This  indicates the number of command files that are waiting for
              each system.  Each command file may have zero or more  files  to
              be  sent (zero means to call the system and see if work is to be
              done).  The date and time refer to the previous interaction with
              the system followed by the status of the interaction.

              Kill  the  UUCP  request  with job identification of jobid.  You
              must either own the job to be killed, or be the super-user.

              Rejuvenate jobid.  The files associated with jobid  are  touched
              so  that  their  modification  time  is set to the current time.
              This prevents the cleanup daemon from deleting the job until the
              jobs  modification  time  reaches  the next limit imposed by the

       The following  options  can  be  specified separately or together:

              Report the status of all UUCP requests for remote system system.

       -uuser Report the status of all UUCP requests issued by user.

              Output for both the -s and -u options has the following format:
                     eaglen0000  4/07-11:01:03  (POLL)
                     eagleN1bd7  4/07-11:07     S       eagle   dan     522 /usr/dan/A
                     eagleC1bd8  4/07-11:07     S       eagle   dan     59 D.3b2al2ce4924
                                 4/07-11:07     S       eagle   dan     rmail mike

              The first field is the job ID of the job.  This is  followed  by
              the date and time.  The next field is either an S or R depending
              on whether the job is to send or request a file.  This  is  fol-
              lowed  by  the user ID of the user who queued the job.  The next
              field contains the size of the file, or in the case of a  remote
              execution  request,  the  name  of  the  command.  When the size
              appears in this field, the file name is also  given.   This  can
              either  be  the name given by the user, or an internal name cre-
              ated for data files associated with remote executions (rmail  in
              this example).

       /var/spool/uucp/*   UUCP spool directories


                                  8 June 1988                       UUSTAT(1C)