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UUSEND(1C)                                                          UUSEND(1C)

       uusend - send a file to a remote host

       uusend   [   -fr   ]  [  -m  mode  ]  source-file  system-name1!system-

       This command is available with the uucp software  installation  option.
       Refer to for information on how to install optional software.

       uusend  sends  the file, source-file, to a given location, destination-
       file, on a remote system.  The system need not be directly connected to
       the  local  system,  but a chain of uucp(1C) links must connect the two
       systems.  If destination-file is a directory, the last component of the
       source-file name is used.

       The  source  file can be `-', meaning to use the standard input.  These
       options are primarily intended for internal use of uusend.

       The destination file can include the ~username or ~/ syntax.

       -f     Do not make intermediate directories for sending the file.

       -r     Do not start uucico, just queue the job.

       -m mode
              Take the mode of the file on the remote end from the octal  num-
              ber  specified  as  mode.  The mode of the input file is used if
              the -m option is not specified.

       uucp(1C), uuencode(1C), uux(1C)

       This command should not exist, since uucp should handle it.

       All systems along the line must have the uusend command  available  and
       allow remote execution of it.

       Some  UUCP systems have a bug where binary files cannot be the input to
       a uux command.  If this bug exists in any system along  the  line,  the
       file will show up severely corrupted.

                                  5 July 1988                       UUSEND(1C)