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UUTO(1C)                                                              UUTO(1C)

       uuto, uupick - public system-to-system file copy

       uuto [ -mp ] source-file ...  destination

       uupick [ -s system ]

       This command is available with the uucp software  installation  option.
       Refer to for information on how to install optional software.

       uuto sends source-files to destination.  uuto uses the uucp(1C)  facil-
       ity to send files, while it allows the local system to control the file
       access.  A source-file name is a path name on your  machine.   Destina-
       tion has the form:


       where  system-name is taken from a list of system names that uucp knows
       about (see uucp(1C)).  username is the username of someone on the spec-
       ified system.

       The  files  (or sub-trees if directories are specified) are sent to the
       "public UUCP" directory on the remote machine  system-name.   Normally,
       this  directory  is  /usr/spool/uucppublic.  Specifically the files are
       sent to


       where PUBDIR is the "public UUCP" directory on system-name, mysystem is
       the  system  from  which the files are sent, and file is the file being

       The destined recipient is notified by mail(1) of the arrival of files.

       uupick accepts or rejects the files transmitted to the user.   Specifi-
       cally, uupick searches the "public UUCP" directory on the local machine
       for files destined for the user.  For each entry  (file  or  directory)
       found, the following message is printed on the standard output:
              from system: [file file-name] [ dir dirname]?

       uupick  then reads a line from the standard input to determine the dis-
       position of the file:

       <NEWLINE>       Go on to next entry.

       d               Delete the entry.

       m [ dir ]       Move the entry to named directory dir.  If dir  is  not
                       specified  as  a  complete path name (in which $HOME is
                       legitimate), a  destination  relative  to  the  current
                       directory  is assumed.  If no destination is given, the
                       default is the current directory.

       a [ dir ]       Same as m except moving all the files sent from system.

       p               Print the content of the file.

       q               Stop.

       EOT (CTRL-D)    Same as q.

       !command        Escape to the shell to do command.

       *               Print a command summary.

       -m     Send mail to the sender when the copy is complete.

       -p     Copy the source file into the spool directory  before  transmis-

       -s system
              Search only the "public UUCP" directory on the local machine for
              files sent from system.

                           public UUCP directory

       mail(1), uucp(1C), uustat(1C), uux(1C), uucleanup(8C)

       In order to send files that begin with a dot (such  as,  .profile)  the
       files must by qualified with a dot.  For example: .profile, .prof*, and
       .profil?  are correct, whereas *prof* and ?profile are incorrect.

                                  26 May 1988                         UUTO(1C)