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 units(1)							    units(1)

      units - conversion program

      units [- file]

      units converts quantities expressed in various standard scales to
      their equivalents in other scales.  It works interactively as follows:

	   System Prompt       User Response

	   You have:	       inch
	   You want:	       cm

      The system responds with two factors; one used if multiplying
      (preceded by *), the other if dividing (preceded by /):

	   * 2.540000e+00
	   / 3.937008e-01

      After providing the conversion factors, units prompts for the next set
      of values.  To terminate units, press the interrupt character as
      defined for your login.

      A quantity is specified as a multiplicative combination of units
      optionally preceded by a numeric multiplier.  Powers are indicated by
      suffixed positive integers, and division by the usual sign:

	   System Prompt       User Response

	   You have:	       15 lbs force/in2
	   You want:	       atm

      The system responds with:

	   * 1.020689e+00
	   / 9.797299e-01

      units only does multiplicative scale changes; thus it can convert
      Kelvin to Rankine, but not Celsius to Fahrenheit.	 Most familiar
      units, abbreviations, and metric prefixes are recognized, together
      with a generous leavening of exotica and a few constants of nature
	   pi	     ratio of circumference to diameter
	   c	     speed of light
	   e	     charge on an electron
	   g	     acceleration of gravity
	   force     same as g,
	   mole	     Avogadro's number,

 Hewlett-Packard Company	    - 1 -   HP-UX Release 11i: November 2000

 units(1)							    units(1)

	   water     pressure head per unit height of water,
	   au	     astronomical unit.

      Units must be provided in lowercase only.	 pound is not recognized as
      a unit of mass; lb is.  Compound names are run together, (e.g.,
      lightyear).  British units that differ from their U.S. counterparts
      are prefixed thus: brgallon.  For a complete list of units, examine
      the file:


      An alternate unit database file can be specified for use with the -
       file option.  units looks in this file rather than the default
      /usr/share/lib/unittab for the table of conversions.  This must be in
      the same format as /usr/share/lib/unittab.  This is useful in defining
      your own units and conversions.

      The monetary exchange rates are out of date.


 Hewlett-Packard Company	    - 2 -   HP-UX Release 11i: November 2000