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 tsm.command(1)						      tsm.command(1)

      tsm.command - send commands to the Terminal Session Manager (TSM)

      /usr/tsm/bin/tsm.command command

      tsm.command is used to send a command string programmaticly to the
      Terminal Session Manager (TSM), as if the string were typed on the TSM
      command line.  tsm.command fails unless it is run from inside a TSM
      session.	Actions caused by tsm.command affect only the instance of
      TSM that tsm.command is run under.  command can have any value that is
      a valid key sequence for the TSM command line.  The sequence should
      not include the "hotkey" character that normally initiates the command
      line mode of TSM.	 The sequence should end at the point where TSM
      exits command mode.  If it ends prematurely TSM behaves as though
      escape was pressed, which exits command mode, usually canceling the
      command.	\r should be used to indicate a return key.  If no arguments
      are given on the command line, the program prompts for input from the
      user.  If a ^C terminates the sequence, the remainder of the sequence
      is accepted from the user.

      tsm.command was developed by Structured Software Solutions, Inc.


 Hewlett-Packard Company	    - 1 -   HP-UX Release 11i: November 2000