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TOOLPLACES(1)               General Commands Manual              TOOLPLACES(1)

       toolplaces - display current SunView window locations, sizes, and other

       toolplaces [ -o|O|u ] [ -help ]

       This command is available with the software installation option.  Refer
       to for information on how to install optional software.

       toolplaces  generates position, size, label, and program attributes for
       the windows running on a SunView  screen  at  the  time  of  execution.
       (toolplaces does not work when SunView is not running.)

       Many  people  redirect  standard output from toolplaces to the .sunview
       file, so as to reuse the current window  system  attributes  each  time
       they execute sunview(1).

       For each window on the screen at execution time, toolplaces shows:

              the tool name
              the "open" window position
              the size of the window in pixels
              the "closed," or icon, window position
              an indicator of whether the window is open or closed
              the label at the top of the window
              the name of the program running in the window, if a
                     program is running there
              any flags or options to a program running in the window

       toolplaces  describes each window on one output line, as long as neces-
       sary, using the current sunview format.

       Current sunview format consists of window tool  descriptions,  one  per
       line, as in this example (the \ indicates that the current line contin-
       ues on the next line):

              shelltool  -Wp  491 795 -Ws 580  87 -WP    0 836 -C
              clock  -Wp  120 120 -Ws 122  55 -WP 1086 826 -Wi \
                   -Wl " open clock" -S -r -d wdm
              shelltool  -Wp  491 166 -Ws 650 567 -WP  702 836 \
                   -Wl due rlogin due
              shelltool  -Wp    0   0 -Ws 650 525 -WP   64 836 \
                   -Wl "Small Window: /usr/bin/csh"
              shelltool  -Wp  501   0 -Ws 650 812 -WP  128 836 \
                   -Wl "Big Window: /usr/bin/csh"

       -o     Show window tool information in the old suntools format for win-
              dow  attributes,  but  specifies  the appropriate tool names for
              each tool.

       -O     Show window tool information in the old suntools format for win-
              dow attributes, specifying toolname as the name for each tool.

       -u     Show  the  updated window tool information in the order that you
              originally specified it.

       -help  Show help information preceding tool attributes.

       ~/.sunview          format file for sunview(1)


                                12 January 1988                  TOOLPLACES(1)