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tnfxtract(1)                     User Commands                    tnfxtract(1)

       tnfxtract - extract kernel probes output into a trace file

       tnfxtract [ -d dumpfile -n namelist] tnf_file

       The tnfxtract utility collects kernel trace output from an in-core buf-
       fer in the Solaris kernel, or from the memory image of a  crashed  sys-
       tem, and generates a binary TNF trace file like those produced directly
       by user programs being traced.

       Either both or neither of the -d and -n options must be  specified.  If
       neither  is  specified, trace output is extracted from the running ker-
       nel. If both are specified, the -d argument names the  file  containing
       the  (crashed)  system memory image, and the -n argument names the file
       containing the symbol table for the system memory image.

       The TNF trace file tnf_file produced is exactly the same  size  as  the
       in-core  buffer;  it  is  essentially a snapshot of that buffer.  It is
       legal to run tnfxtract while kernel tracing is active, i.e., while  the
       in-core buffer is being written. tnfxtract insures that the output file
       it generates is low-level consistent, that is, that only  whole  probes
       are  written  out,  and that internal data structures in the buffer are
       not corrupted because the buffer is being concurrently written.

       The TNF trace file generated is suitable as input to tnfdump(1),  which
       will generate an ASCII file.

       The following options are supported:

       -d dumpfile     Uses  dumpfile  as  the system memory image, instead of
                       the running kernel. The dumpfile is normally  the  path
                       name of a file generated by the savecore utility.

       -n namelist     Uses  namelist  as the file containing the symbol table
                       information for the given dumpfile.

       The following operand is supported:

       tnf_file        Output file generated  by  tnfxtract  based  on  kernel
                       trace output from an in-core buffer in the Solaris ker-

       Example 1: Extracting probes from a running kernel

       Extract probes from the running kernel into ktrace.out:

       example% tnfxtract ktrace.out

       Example 2: Extracting probes from a kernel crash dump

       Extract probes from a kernel crash dump into ktrace.out:

       example% tnfxtract -d /var/crash/`uname -n`/vmcore.0 \
          -n /var/crash/`uname -n`/unix.0 ktrace.out

       The following exit values are returned:

       0        Successful completion.

       >>0       An error occurred.

       See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes:

       tab()    allbox;    cw(2.750000i)|     cw(2.750000i)     lw(2.750000i)|
       lw(2.750000i).  ATTRIBUTE TYPEATTRIBUTE VALUE AvailabilitySUNWtnfc

       prex(1), tnfdump(1), savecore(1M), tnf_kernel_probes(4), attributes(5)

SunOS 5.10                        19 Aug 2003                     tnfxtract(1)