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tcl(1)								       tcl(1)


  tcl, tk, tcl-tk - Tool Command Language


  The tcl software is unsupported software that	is provided as part of Tru64
  UNIX.	 Compaq	will fix problems in this unsupported software only if they
  are specific to Tru64	UNIX.  Compaq will not fix problems that are integral
  to the software itself or that occur when the	component is used on UNIX
  systems other	than Tru64 UNIX.  Compaq will not add functionality to this

  Except for this reference page, other	reference pages	that Tru64 UNIX	sup-
  plies	for tcl	are passed through without changes.  The reference pages dis-
  tributed as part of this software are	available in the directories
  /usr/share/doclib/annex/man/man[1-9].	 You should use	this directory stem
  in the man command or	add it to the MANPATH environment variable to make
  these	files available	to the man command.


       Compaq is not responsible for the content or quality of reference
       pages and other documents installed under the /usr/share/doclib/annex
       directory and does not revise this material in response to customer
       problem reports.	Reference pages	installed under	the
       /usr/share/doclib/annex/man directory are not available from Compaq in
       book form; for example, they are	not included in	the reference manuals
       that you	receive	when you order the Tru64 UNIX documentation set	as
       hard copy books.

       Problems	related	to the content or quality of any documentation
       installed in the	/usr/share/doclib/annex	directory tree should be sent
       to the developers of the	documentation.

  The format for changing the search path with the man command is:

       man -P /usr/share/doclib/annex/man [section] title...

  If you are using the Bourne, Korn, or	POSIX shells, use the following	com-
  mand sequence	to modify your environment:

       export MANPATH

  If you are using the C shell,	enter the command:

       setenv MANPATH `echo $MANPATH`:/usr/share/doclib/annex/man

  See the reference pages for the man(1) command for additional	information
  on the search	path used to locate files.

  The reference	pages associated with this product are not included in the
  whatis data base created by the catman command.  Therefore, the man -k and
  apropos commands will	not locate reference pages included with this pro-


  Commands:  apropos(1), catman(8), man(1)