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tic(1)								       tic(1)


  tic -	Translates terminfo files from source to compiled format


  tic [-v[number]] [-c]	[file...]

  The tic command translates terminfo files from the source format into	the
  compiled format.


  -c  Checks the file for errors only.	Errors in the use= field are not

      Writes trace information on the progress of the tic command. The number
      parameter	is an integer, from 0 to 8, that increases the level of	ver-
      bosity.  If number is omitted, the default is 1.


  If a file is not specified, the tic command reads standard input.

  The tic command places the results in	the /usr/share/lib/terminfo direc-
  tory.	 If the	TERMINFO environment variable is set, the results are placed
  there	instead	of in /usr/share/lib/terminfo.

  The tic command compiles all terminfo	descriptions in	the file or files
  specified by the file	variable. When the tic command finds a use= field, it
  searches first the current file, then	reads in the binary from
  /usr/share/lib/terminfo to complete the entry.  If the environment variable
  TERMINFO is set, that	directory is searched instead of

  The size of a	compiled entry cannot exceed 4096 bytes	and the	name field
  cannot exceed	128 bytes.  Terminal names exceeding 14	characters are trun-
  cated	to 14 characters and a warning message is printed.


  The following	environment variables affect the behavior of tic:

      Causes the command to behave as a	System V command if the	value of this
      environment variable is set to SVR4 or svr4. The options designated by
      [SVR4]  are honored while	identical non-System V options are ignored.
      Command output and error messages	 also follow System V conventions.


      Terminal information database.


  Commands:  captoinfo(1), infocmp(1)

  Functions:  curses(3)

  Files:  terminfo(4)