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TEKTOOL(1)                  General Commands Manual                 TEKTOOL(1)

       tektool - SunView Tektronix 4014 terminal-emulator window

       tektool  [ -s[ lcdeg[ ce ]m[ 12 ] ] [ -[ cr ] command-line ] [ -f font-
       dir ]

       This command is available with the software installation option.  Refer
       to for information on how to install optional software.

       tektool  emulates  a Tektronix 4014 terminal with the enhanced graphics
       module.  It does this in much the same way  as  shelltool  (see  shell-
       tool(1)) emulates a regular glass tty.  When tektool is invoked, a com-
       mand (usually a shell) is started up, its output  and  input  are  con-
       nected to the emulator, and a new window is formed.  The default window
       is the entire screen.  When the emulator is running, keys TF(1) through
       TF(3), (usually function keys F1-F3 (see kbd(4S)) have special meaning.

       TF (1)         Unshifted,  this is the 4014 PAGE button.  Shifted, this
                      is the 4014 RESET button.

       TF (2)         Copy screen.  The raster image (<&lt;rasterfile.h>&gt;)  of  the
                      4014  screen  is piped to a command found in the TEKCOPY
                      environment variable.  If TEKCOPY is not  found  in  the
                      environment, `lpr -v' is used.  The copy button is unaf-
                      fected by window manipulations, and  will  transmit  the
                      contents of the 4014 screen only.

       TF (3)         Release page full condition.

       These  functions  are  also  available  through the tool menu.  When in
       graphics input (GIN) mode and the 4014 crosshairs are visible, the left
       hand mouse button may be used as the space bar to terminate GIN mode.

       -s             Specifies the Tektronix 4014 strap options with the fol-
                      lowing modifiers:

                      l   Received LINEFEED characters  also  generate  RETURN
                      c   Received  RETURN  characters  also generate LINEFEED
                      d   Received DELETE characters are used as low  order  Y
                          axis ( LOY ) addresses.
                      e   Echo keyboard input.
                      g   Graphic  input  mode (GIN) terminator specification.
                          If this strap is followed by a c, GIN mode  data  is
                          terminated by a RETURN character.  If it is followed
                          by a e, GIN mode data  is  terminated  by  a  RETURN
                          character  followed  by  an  EOT character.  If this
                          strap is not present, no characters are  sent  after
                          GIN mode data.
                      m   Page  full  control specification.  If this strap is
                          followed by a 1, tektool  will  stop  accepting  tty
                          input  when  a  LINEFEED  character is done past the
                          last line in margin 1.  This is the 4014  page  full
                          condition.  The page full condition it released by a
                          PAGE or a RELEASE or any ASCII keyboard  input.   If
                          this  strap is followed by a 2, the page full condi-
                          tion happens at the end of margin 2.  If this  strap
                          is  not  present,  the  page  full  condition  never

                          If the -s option is not given,  the  environment  is
                          searched  for  the TEKSTRAPS variable which provides
                          the modifiers.  The straps may also be  set  by  the
                          property sheet available by selecting the PROPS menu
                          item.  If no straps are specified  the  d  strap  is

       -c command-line
                      Take  terminal emulator input from a shell which in turn
                      runs the command-line following the -c option.

       -f fontdir     Look for fonts in the directory  specified  by  fontdir.
                      The  fonts  must  be  called  tekfont0 through tekfont3.
                      Fonts must be in vfont(5) format.  If this option is not
                      given,  the font directory is obtained from the TEKFONTS
                      environment variable (if it exists).  If no font  direc-
                      tory is specified, /usr/lib/fonts/tekfonts is used.

       -r command-line
                      Run command-line to provide input to the terminal emula-
                      tor.  This must be the last option, since the  remainder
                      of the arguments are used by the command.


       shelltool(1), sunview(1), kbd(4S), vfont(5)

       Special point plot mode is not supported.

       Z-axis stuff, except for defocusing, is not supported.

       Defocused alpha characters are not supported.

       copy command failed The  copy  command in the TEKCOPY environment vari-
                           able or in the property sheet  could  not  be  exe-

       Like  all  4014  emulators, this does not duplicate every nuance of the
       4014.  For instance, certain  programs  redraw  stuff  already  on  the
       screen  in order to highlight things with the storage flash.  This will
       not work here.  Also, even though the emulator supports the  full  4096
       point  addressing  of  the  4014, it cannot display this on the screen.
       All points will be rounded to the nearest available  pixel.   This  may
       cause some funny effects.

       The  tektool  window  may be treated just like other windows; it can be
       overlaid, moved, reshaped etc.  However, when the window  is  reshaped,
       the contents will not scale.

                                 15 June 1988                       TEKTOOL(1)