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TCOV(1)                     General Commands Manual                    TCOV(1)

       tcov - construct test coverage analysis and statement-by-statement pro-

       tcov [ -a ] [ -n ] srcfile...

       This command is available on Sun-3 and Sun-4 systems only.

       tcov produces a test coverage analysis and statement-by-statement  pro-
       file  of a C or FORTRAN program.  When a program in a file named file.c
       or file.f is compiled with the -a option, a corresponding  file.d  file
       is  created.  Each time the program is executed, test coverage informa-
       tion is accumulated in file.d.

       tcov takes source files  as  arguments.   It  reads  the  corresponding
       file.d  file and produces an annotated listing of the program with cov-
       erage data in file.tcov.  Each straight-line segment of code  (or  each
       line if the -a option to tcov is specified) is prefixed with the number
       of times it has been executed; lines which have not been  executed  are
       prefixed with #####.

       Note:  the  profile  produced  includes  only  the number of times each
       statement was executed, not execution times; to obtain times  for  rou-
       tines use gprof(1) or prof(1).

       -a     Display  an  execution  count  for  each statement; if -a is not
              specified, an execution count is displayed only  for  the  first
              statement of each straight-line segment of code.

       -n     Display  table of the line numbers of the n most frequently exe-
              cuted statements and their execution counts.

       The command:

              example% cc -a -o prog prog.c

       compiles with the -a option -- produces prog.d

       The command: example% prog

       executes the program `-' accumulates data in prog.d

       The command:

              example% tcov prog.c  produces  an  annotated  listing  in  file

       file.c              input C program file
       file.f              input FORTRAN program file
       file.d              input test coverage data file
       file.tcov           output test coverage analysis listing file
       /usr/lib/bb_link.o  entry and exit routines for test coverage analysis
       cc(1V), gprof(1), prof(1), exit(2V)
       premature end of file
              Issued for routines containing no statements.
       The analyzed program must call exit(2V) or return normally for the cov-
       erage information to be saved in the .d file.

                               18 February 1988                        TCOV(1)