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SYSEX(1)                    General Commands Manual                   SYSEX(1)

       sysex - start the system exerciser


       Available  only  on  Sun  386i systems running a SunOS 4.0.x release or
       earlier.  Not a SunOS 4.1 release feature.

       sysex is the system exerciser for Sun386i systems.

       This program is designed to run under the SunView  environment,  but  a
       dumb terminal interface is provided.  The program tests subsystems of a
       Sun386i system, printing information to  the  console  and  log  files.
       Most  commands  are  accessible  by way of buttons, toggle switches, or
       menus.  A startup file ~/.sysexrc, can be created by experienced  users
       to set runtime parameters.

       Control Panel  Tells  which  version of the exerciser is running.  User
                      controls sysex executions through the toggles,  buttons,
                      and sliders in this panel.

       Perfmon window Graphically  displays system statics.  The standard Sun-
                      View perfmeter(1).

       Console window Displays the system messages and sysex error messages.

       Status Window  Displays pass counts and error counts for all tests that
                      are  currently  selected.   Also  displays  system  pass
                      count, and total system errors.  Elapsed time  signifies
                      time since start button is pressed.

   Load Sliders
       These slide bars allow the user to modulate the load on the system.

       I/O-CPU Load
              Moving this slider changes the balance between I/O-intensive and
              compute-intensive tests that are running.

              Moving this slider increases and decreases the  system  activity
              generated by sysex.

   Test Toggles
       Each  test  selection  on the control panel is selectable by moving the
       cursor over to the toggle and pressing the left mouse button.

       The tests are displayed by device groups in the control panel.  A  test
       is  enabled when a check mark is seen in the box.  Clicking left on the
       group label acts as a group enable/disable for all tests in that device
       group.   Currently there are tests for physical memory and virtual mem-
       ory, fixed disk, diskette, Ethernet, and color frame buffer.

   Command Buttons
       Command buttons exist for the following commands:

       Quit Sysex     Stop all current tests and exit the exerciser.  All logs
                      will be saved.

       Log Files      Display  menu  for  choosing  a  log  to view, reset, or

       Options        Display window through which ~/.sysexrc  parameters  can
                      be modified.

       Print Screen   Take screendump of the current screen.

       Start Tests    Start  all  test  from  pass0  that  have been selected.
                      Resets  pass  count.   Toggles  to  Stop  Tests.   Begin
                      elapsed time count.

       Stop Tests     Stop  all  tests  that  are  running.   Toggles to Start

       Pause          Pause tests by issuing SIGSTP.

       Continue       Continue testing from the stopped state  without  reset-
                      ting  pass  count.   Toggles to Pause,leaves pass counts
                      intact.  Continue elapsed time count if Continued from a

       When  the user selects the DISPLAY LOGS button and chooses from the log
       menu, a scrollable pop-up window displays the  log,  which  is  one  of
       /var/sysex/sysex.info,  /var/sysex/sysex.error,  or  /etc/adm/messages.
       Logs contain messages classified as INFO,  WARNING,  ERROR,  or  FATAL.
       The INFO file contains all messages; the ERROR file contains only error
       and fatal messages.

       sysex has several variables than can be set  in  the  ~/.sysexrc  file.
       Some of the variables pertain to only one test and others are global to
       all tests.  Clicking Done saves changes to the ~/.sysexrc file.  Click-
       ing Cancel leaves options unchanged.

              Display messages about what is currently taking place.

       verify Run  through  a  cursory  pass  of  tests  to see all subsystems

              Halt subsystem testing when an error occurs.

              Stop sysex if an error occurs in any subsystem.

       core   Create core dump in /var/sysex.

              Run one pass of each selected device test.

       For the expert user, more commands are available by clicking the  manu-
       facturing cycle to Enabled.  This displays the following options:

       fdc_wait  Variable wait time between executions of the diskette test.

       vmem_wait Variable  delay  between successive executions of the virtual
                 memory test.

       debug     Display all messages to aid analysis of problem systems.

                 Read NVRAM configuration information and display values.

                 Turn on or off the confirmer for all  destructive  tests,  or
                 for tests requiring media.


                               11 February 1988                       SYSEX(1)