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SV_ACQUIRE(1)               General Commands Manual              SV_ACQUIRE(1)

       sv_acquire,  sv_release  -  change  owner, group, permissions of window

       sv_acquire [ startwin [ nwins [ nbackground ]]]


       sv_acquire changes the owner, group and permissions  of  window  system
       devices  to  the  user  ID,  group ID, and the permissions specified in
       /etc/svdtab (see svdtab(5)), if there is an entry in that file.  If  no
       entry exists in /etc/svdtab, no changes will be made.

       sv_release returns the owner, and group to root and wheel.  The permis-
       sions are set as specified in /etc/svdtab.

       startwin indicates the first win to change, nwins indicates the  number
       of windows to change, nbackgound indicates the number of win devices to
       change in the backgound.

       This is a setuid root program spawned by the window system  (for  exam-
       ple,  sunview(1)).   sv_acquire  exits if the user does not own console
       devices listed in /etc/fbtab (see fbtab(5)).  sv_acquire exits  with  0
       on success and -1 on failure.

       In  the following example, sv_acquire sets the user ID and the group ID
       of /dev/win0 through /dev/win15 in the foreground and  spawns  a  back-
       ground  process  to  set  /dev/win16  through /dev/win256 and exit with
       error status.
                   sv_acquire 0 256 240

       The purpose of spawning a background process is to allow the caller  to
       avoid waiting for all win devices to be changed.  Note: a diskless 3/50
       sets approximately 16 wins per second.

       sunview(1), fbtab(5), svdtab(5)

                                25 January 1990                  SV_ACQUIRE(1)