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 STLICENSE(1M)			X Version 11		       STLICENSE(1M)
				  Release 5

      stlicense - server access control program for X

      stlicense [-v] [-fp directory] {-fn typeface | -pr product} [[+-]netdev

      The stlicense program is run interactively by the font administrator
      to give devices attached to hosts on the network, netdevs, access to
      typefaces.  Responsibility for maintaining security rests with users
      root, bin, and the owners of the font directories.

      stlicense accepts the command line options described below.

      -fp directory
	      The path of directories to search for the specified product or
	      typeface.	 The directories must have the suffix .st or they
	      will be ignored.	If several directories are specified, they
	      are separated by the colon (":") character.  Stlicense will
	      search the path until it finds a directory that contains the
	      specified product or typeface.  It will use that directory for
	      all of its operations.  If no -fp option is specifies, the
	      value of environment variable STPATH is used.  If neither -fp
	      nor STPATH is present, the default path is

      -fn typeface
	      The typeface being licensed.  It is specified as an XLFD font
	      name.  The entire font name does not have to be specified.
	      The program will use the first typeface whose name matches the
	      name specified.

      -pr product
	      Specifying a product instead of a typeface provides a
	      convenient way to license collections of typefaces.  Product
	      names are established when typefaces are loaded.	Use either
	      the -fn or the -pr option, but never both.  One of them must
	      be present for license additions or removals.

      -v      The verbose option controls the number of messages returned.
	      By default, stlicense prints messages only when a request
	      could not be fulfilled.  With the verbose option, status
	      messages are printed for all licensing requests.

      -help   If this is the only option specified, a brief message listing
	      the valid options to stlicense will be printed.

      +netdev The netdev is granted a license to the product or typeface
	      specified.  Adding a product license to the netdev means

 Hewlett-Packard Company	    - 1 -		HP-UX 10.0 July 1994

 STLICENSE(1M)			X Version 11		       STLICENSE(1M)
				  Release 5

	      adding licenses to all of the typefaces which comprise the

	   The netdev is specified in the form host:device.
	   The host name is a node on the network.  They can be discless
	   nodes, workstations, and the like.  The device, usually a
	   printer, is attached to the host.  The name of the device must be
	   a valid file name.

	   Special host STSYSTEM refers to all nodes on the network; typefaces
	   licensed to STSYSTEM are available to every host.  Special device
	   DISPLAYS refers to all servers running on the host.	Special
	   device PRINTERS refers to all printers connected to the host.

	   The host defaults to the host on which stlicense is running.
	   The device defaults to DISPLAYS.  Adding a product license to a
	   netdev which already has a license for the product causes the
	   netdev's fonts.dir file to be updated with the current definition
	   of the product.

      -netdev The license for specified typeface or product is removed from
	      this netdev.

      netdev  The products/typefaces licensed for this netdev are displayed.
	      If the -pr or -fn option is specified, stlicense reports
	      whether the specified product or typeface is licensed for this
	      netdev.  In the case of typefaces, only those that have been
	      individually licensed with the -fn option (that is, not
	      licensed as part of a product with the -pr option) can be
	      queried by this option.

	      As with addition and removal of licenses, the host and device
	      portions of the netdev specification default to `hostname` and
	      DISPLAYS (respectively).	So running stlicense without any
	      [+|-]netdev arguments is identical to specifying an argument
	      of `hostname`:DISPLAYS; licensing information is returned for
	      device DISPLAYS for the host on which stlicense is running.

      This program updates the netdev's license files in the licenses
      subdirectory of the typeface directory (*.st).  It creates and deletes
      licensing files as necessary.  If files for the netdev do not exist,
      it creates them.	Deleting the last license from a netdev will cause
      the netdev's licensing files to be deleted.

      Hosts have directories in licenses.  Devices have directories within
      their host's directory.  Typefaces available to the netdev are stored
      in fonts.dir.  Product licenses issued to the netdev are stored in

 Hewlett-Packard Company	    - 2 -		HP-UX 10.0 July 1994

 STLICENSE(1M)			X Version 11		       STLICENSE(1M)
				  Release 5

      The typefaces that comprise valid products are specified in the
      products directory of typeface directories (*.st).

      stlicense -pr builtin +STSYSTEM:DISPLAYS

      Licenses the Intellifont fonts contained in the product "builtin" (and
      listed in /usr/lib/X11/fonts/ifo.st/products/builtin) for all

      stlicense -fp /usr/lib/X11/fonts/type1.st -pr builtin
      Licenses the Type 1 fonts contained in the product "builtin" (and
      listed in /usr/lib/X11/fonts/type1.st/products/builtin) for all

      stload (1M), stmkfont(1), stconv(1M), stmkdirs(1)

      Copyright 1990, Hewlett-Packard Company
      See X(1) for a full statement of rights and permissions.

 Hewlett-Packard Company	    - 3 -		HP-UX 10.0 July 1994