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 STCONV(1M)			X Version 11			  STCONV(1M)
				  Release 5

      stconv - Utility to convert scalable type symbol set map formats

      stconv infile [-hmq] [-d mapdir] [-to ACG|HPMSL|other]

      Intellifont font technology has been obsoleted on HP's X Window
      System.  Support for it will be removed in a future release.  This
      utility will be removed at that time.

      The stconv utility is used to convert scalable typeface symbol set
      maps (.sym files) for Intellifont fonts from one symbol list numbering
      format to another.  The installation default symbol sets map their
      respective symbols into appropriate HP Master Symbol List character
      codes (the default format provided in .ifo typeface libraries).  Since
      it is possible, however, to use stload(1M) to generate .ifo libraries
      that use some other symbol list numbering (such as native Agfa
      Compugraphic ACG numbering), stconv provides a way to modify existing
      .sym files to map characters to non-MSL numbers.

      A symbol list assigns a unique numeric value to each individual
      character in the global collection of characters available from a
      specific typeface manufacturer.  The specific numbering scheme used is
      usually unique to that vendor, and typically identifies hundreds or
      even thousands of characters.  A symbol set (or character set) is
      generally a particular subset of characters taken from this master
      collection, with each character being assigned another unique code in
      accordance with the some specific registry/encoding scheme (such as
      ISO8859 Latin-1 or HP Roman-8).  In this respect, the .sym files used
      by the HP Scalable Type subsystem are actually symbol set maps,
      equating all the character codes comprising a specific character set
      registry/encoding to the corresponding character numbers of a
      particular typeface vendor's symbol list.

      Intellifont format scalable typeface libraries are commercially
      available with HP Master Symbol List character numbering (HPMSL) in
      products obtained from the HP MasterType Library, and with Agfa
      Compugraphic symbol list numbering (ACG) for products from the Agfa
      Typeface Library.

      There are several command line parameters which are described below.

      infile  Required name of the .sym file to be converted.

      -d mapdir
	      Specifies the name of the directory containing the symbol list
	      conversion map (see below).  This directory should contain the
	      file ACG-HPMSL, plus any optional additional symbol list maps.
	      If unspecified, stconv looks for an appropriate map in

 Hewlett-Packard Company	    - 1 -		HP-UX 10.0 July 1994

 STCONV(1M)			X Version 11			  STCONV(1M)
				  Release 5

	      /usr/lib/X11/fonts/stadmin/ifo/charsets.	The file ACG-HPMSL
	      defines the translation between Agfa Compugraphic symbol list
	      numbering and HP Master Symbol List numbering.

      -h      Requests help.

      -m      Requests that stconv list the conversion map.

      -q      Requests that stconv should run quietly.

      -to format
	      Specifies the new symbol list format.  The installation-
	      default symbol sets use HPMSL format; to generate a symbol set
	      for native Agfa Compugraphic symbol list character codes, you
	      should specify -to ACG.

      stconv -to ACG roman8.sym >&gt&gt>acgr8.sym
	      This reads the HPMSL symbol map roman8.sym, and writes the ACG
	      version to acgr8.sym via stdout redirection.  The new symbol
	      map can subsequently be used to generate an HP Roman-8 font
	      from an Agfa Typeface Library product.

      A symbol list conversion map defines the translation of character
      numbers between two different symbol lists.  The map is a simple text
      file contain two columns of character codes: the first column is the
      first format's character code, the second column is the second
      format's character code.	Lines that begin with anything other than
      two distinct values are ignored.	The name of the conversion must be
      the names of the two formats concantenated together with a hyphen,
      with care taken to insure the name before the hyphen reflects the
      numbering scheme used in the first column, and the name after the
      hyphen reflects the numbering scheme used in the second column.  A
      single conversion map file is sufficient for converting a symbol list
      of either format into a symbol list of the opposite format.  As an
      example, the first few lines of the file ACG-HPMSL are:

	       # ACG-HPMSL
	       # First column is ACG number
	       # Second column is corresponding HPMSL number
	       1   86
	       2   81
	       3   74
	       4   80

      Stconv takes input only from the specified file, and always sends
      output to stdout.

 Hewlett-Packard Company	    - 2 -		HP-UX 10.0 July 1994

 STCONV(1M)			X Version 11			  STCONV(1M)
				  Release 5

      Stconv supports only the .sym files used for Intellifont scalable
      fonts, and has no application to other types of scalable fonts (such
      as Type 1).

      stlicense(1M), stmkfont(1), stmkdirs(1), stload(1M)

      (c) Copyright 1990, Hewlett-Packard Company
      See X(1) for a full statement of rights and permissions.

 Hewlett-Packard Company	    - 3 -		HP-UX 10.0 July 1994