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ssh-pubkeymgr(1)					     ssh-pubkeymgr(1)


  ssh-pubkeymgr	- Configures Secure Shell public key user authentication


  ssh-pubkeymgr	[-k keypair_name]


  -k keypair_name
      Specifies	the keypair name. The default private key is id_dsa_2048_a
      and the default public key is id_dsa_2048_a.pub.


  The ssh-pubkeymgr command creates the	user files necessary to	configure
  public key user authentication on a Secure Shell client.  Initially, it
  checks for public keys, and prompts the user for the following information:

    +  A secret	passphrase for the key pair.

    +  The host	entries	to add to the user's authorization file. A host	entry
       identifies the name of a	public key for a remote	host from which	the
       user will access	their user account on the local	host.

    +  Whether to copy the user's public key to	a user account on a remote
       host that they will access. Host	names must be entered with their
       fully qualified domain name. User's are prompted	for the	password for
       the specified user account on the remote	host because, by default,
       password	authentication is the only authentication available at that

  If ssh-pubkeymgr cannot find any public keys,	the ssh-keygen2	command	runs.
  (Make	sure you give the ssh-keygen2 command a	passphrase; you	can run	the
  ssh-agent2 command later to store your keys in memory.)

  Following these steps, the ssh-pubkeymgr command will	create the following
  identification and authorization files:

    +  A directory called $HOME/.ssh2 for the user on the client ($HOME	is
       the name	of the user's home directory). All the files created by	the
       ssh-pubkeymgr command are located in this directory.

    +  The key pair as follows:

	 -- The	$HOME/.ssh2/id_dsa_2048_a file contains	the user's private
	    key. Only the user for which the key was created should have
	    access this	file.

	 -- The	$HOME/.ssh2/id_dsa_2048_a.pub file and $HOME/.ssh2/username-
	    hostname.pub contains the user's public key. The username-
	    hostname.pub is the	file that will be copied to servers that use
	    public key authentication and to which the user will connect.

    +  A file called $HOME/.ssh2/authorization that contains the names of
       public keys for remote hosts from which the user	access their user
       account on the local host.

    +  A file called $HOME/.ssh2/identification	that contains the following
       entry that identifies the name of the user's private key	file:
	    IdKey id_dsa_2048_a

  After	all the	files are created, the ssh-pubkeymgr command provides an
  interface that can upload your user public key to a remote host using	the
  scp2 command.	Using the same interface, you can download host	keys from the
  desired hosts	using the scp2 command.

  See Security Administration for more information about Secure	Shell user


      Contains the names of the	host public keys that are allowed to authen-
      ticate to	this account.

      Contains the names of the	private	keys that are to be used in authenti-
      cation.  See ssh2(1)for more information.

      Contains the default DSA private key for the user.

      Contains the default DSA public key for the user.

      Contains the user's public key.


  SSH is a registered trademark	of SSH Communication Security Ltd.


  Commands: scp2(1), ssh2(1), ssh-agent2(1), ssh-keygen2(1), sshd2(8)

  Guides: Security Administration