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soelim(1)							    soelim(1)


  soelim - Processes .so requests in nroff input


  soelim [file...]


  The soelim command reads the specified files or standard input and performs
  the textual inclusion	implied	by nroff requests of the form:

       .so file

  When these requests appear at	the beginning of input lines (see SEE ALSO).
  This is useful since commands	such as	tbl do not normally do this; the soe-
  lim command allows the placement of individual tables	in separate files to
  be run as a part of a	large document.	 The original and included text	are
  written to the standard output.

  Note that exactly one	space must precede and no spaces can follow the
  filename.  A flag consisting of a - (dash) is	taken to be a filename
  corresponding	to standard input.  Inclusion can be suppressed	by using a '
  (single quote) instead of a .	(dot) as follows:

       'so /usr/share/lib/tmac.s


  In the following example, the	soelim command is used to preprocess file
  inclusion (.so) requests:

       soelim exum?.n |	tbl | nroff -ms

  Because the tbl command does not process the nroff .so requests, the soelim
  command is used to preprocess	them.  The output is then passed to the	tbl
  command.  This facilitates the placement of tables in	separate files that
  can be included to form a large document.


  Commands:  colcrt(1),	neqn(1), nroff(1), tbl(1)