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 sna(1)								      sna(1)
		  Requires Optional SNA Networking Software

      sna - SNAplus2: SNA and APPN communications for HP-UX.

      The following descriptions are provided as a very brief overview of
      selected SNA (Systems Network Architecture) utilities that are
      available as optional software for use with the HP-UX operating
      system.  For more information refer to system documentation provided
      with the software.  For purchasing information, contact your nearest
      HP Sales and Support Office.

      SNAplus2 is a communications software product which permits users of a
      HP-UX computer to communicate with remote computers using IBM SNA
      protocols.  It implements a LEN Node, APPN End Node, or APPN Network
      Node according to its configuration; this includes SNA node type 2.0
      and 2.1 support for communicating with host and peer computers.

      SNAplus2 may be used on a single HP-UX computer, or as a Client-Server
      system with users and programs distributed across a LAN (communicating
      using TCP/IP).  The core communications components run on HP-UX
      servers; client computers may be running either HP-UX or Windows.

      SNAplus2 supports communications using the following connectivity


      It allows the following types of communications tasks:

      3270 and 3179G emulation
	   Your terminal acts as a 3270 terminal, or as a 3179G graphics
	   display terminal, allowing you to access programs on host

      LU 6.2 Communications (APPC and CPI-C)
	   Advanced Program-to-Program Communications (APPC) and Common
	   Programming Interface for Communications (CPI-C) both allow
	   communication between transaction programs (TPs) on different
	   systems across the SNA network.

      Conventional LU API (LUA)
	   LUA allows application programs to communicate with existing IBM
	   host applications using any of the LU types 0, 1, 2, or 3.

      Remote Job Entry (RJE)
	   RJE allows SNAplus2 users to submit jobs to a host Job Entry
	   Subsystem for processing.

 Hewlett-Packard Company	    - 1 -   HP-UX Release 11i: November 2000

 sna(1)								      sna(1)
		  Requires Optional SNA Networking Software

      In addition to APPC, CPI-C, and LUA, SNAplus2 also provides the
      following APIs for use by application programs:

      High-Level Language Application Programming Interface (HLLAPI)
	   HLLAPI interacts with a 3270 emulation session by performing the
	   tasks that would normally be performed by a 3270 user, such as
	   searching for data on the screen and entering keystrokes.  It can
	   be used to automate standard 3270 tasks.

      Common Service Verbs (CSV)
	   The CSV API provides utility functions such as character
	   translation, trace control, and message logging.

      Management Services (MS)
	   The MS API allows a SNAplus2 application to communicate with
	   other Management Services products or applications across the
	   network, by sending and receiving management data either in NMVT
	   format or in MDS_MU format.

      Node Operator Facility (NOF)
	   The NOF API allows an application to configure and manage
	   SNAplus2 resources; the application can define, modify, or delete
	   resources, start or stop resources, or obtain information on the
	   configuration or current status of resources.

      SNAplus2 also provides the following features:

      TN Server
	   SNAplus2 allows TN3270 programs (3270 emulation programs that
	   communicate over TCP/IP) running on other computers to access a
	   3270 host computer over a SNAplus2 host connection.	Both the
	   SNAplus2 TN3270 program (provided as a separate package from the
	   main SNAplus2 product) and other vendors' TN3270 programs are

      Remote Command Facility (RCF)
	   SNAplus2 provides facilities to allow an operator using the
	   NetView program at a host to issue commands from the NetView
	   console, either to manage SNAplus2 components or to issue HP-UX
	   commands on the SNAplus2 computer.

      SNA system software documentation provided with optional SNA software.

      * IBM is a trademark of International Business Machines Corporation.

 Hewlett-Packard Company	    - 2 -   HP-UX Release 11i: November 2000