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OLD-SETKEYS(1)              General Commands Manual             OLD-SETKEYS(1)

       old-setkeys - modify interpretation of the keyboard

       /usr/old/setkeys  [  reset | nosunview | [ [ lefty ] [ noarrows ] ] ] [
       sun1 | sun2 | sun3 ]

       setkeys [ reset | nosunview | [ [ lefty ] [ noarrows ] ]  ]  [  sun1  |
       sun2 | sun3| sun4 ]

       setkeys  has  been superseded by the Input category in defaultsedit(1),
       and by the program input_from_defaults (1).  It is retained  for  back-
       wards compatibility on Sun-2, Sun-3 and Sun-4 systems.

       setkeys  changes the kernel's keyboard translation tables, converting a
       keyboard to one of a number of  commonly  desired  configurations.   It
       takes  an  indication of the modifications to be performed, and option-
       ally, the kind of keyboard attached to the user's machine.  It  affects
       all  keyboard input for the machine it is run on (in or out of the win-
       dow system) until that effect is superseded by rebooting, or by running
       `setkeys reset'.

              Empty,  or one of reset, nosunview, or some combination of lefty
              and noarrows.  By default, the keyboard is set  to  produce  the
              SunView  function-key  codes  (Stop,  Props, Front, Close, Find,
              Again, Undo, Copy, Paste and Cut; On Sun-2 and Sun-3  keyboards,
              this  is meaningless; on the Sun-1, those functions are assigned
              to two columns of the right numeric-function pad.

       lefty  Indicate the SunView functions are to be produced from  keys  on
              the  right  side of the keyboard, convenient for using the mouse
              in the left hand.

              On the Sun-2  and  Sun-3  systems,  the  SunView  functions  are
              reflected  to  the  outside  columns  of the right function pad;
              those right-side functions are distributed in a more complicated
              fashion  dictated by keeping the arrow keys together; see below.
              Also, the Line Feed key, immediately below Return, is  converted
              to a second Control.

              On  the  Sun-1, lefty is the same as the default, since there is
              no left function pad.

              Reassign the keys with cursor arrows on their  caps  to  produce
              simple  function  codes (so they may be used with filters in the
              textsw, or mapped input in the ttysw).

              Only valid on Sun-2 and Sun-3 keyboards, or on a Sun-4  keyboard
              used  with  386i  architecture.   nosunview is incompatible with
              lefty, noarrows, or reset.  This option  assigns  new  codes  to
              keys  F1 and L2 - L10, codes that are not normally produced any-
              where on the keyboard.  These codes may be selected by a mapi or
              mapo operation defined in a user's .ttyswrc file.

              This  option  supports  a  measure of backwards compatibility to
              programs that apply some other interpretation  to  the  affected
              function  keys.  It allows them to access the new codes when the
              standard codes would be  preempted  by  SunView  functions  (for
              instance, in a tty(1) subwindow).

       reset  Incompatible  with  lefty, noarrows, or nosunview; it causes the
              keyboard to be reset to its original interpretation.

              One of sun1, sun2, or sun3.  sun4 is available with 386i  archi-
              tecture  only.   Normally,  this  option is omitted; the type of
              keyboard attached to the system is obtained from the kernel.  If
              included,  the  option is believed in preference to the kernel's
              information.  setkeys treats Sun-2 and Sun-3  keyboards  identi-
              cally except when the modification is reset.

              Note:  The  keyboard  type  is  not  necessarily the same as the
              machine type.  A Sun-1  keyboard  is  the  VT100-style  keyboard
              shipped with Model 100Us, while Sun-2 and Sun-3 keyboards may be
              attached interchangeably to Sun-2 and Sun-3 machines.   A  Sun-3
              keyboard  is  distinguished  by its aerodynamic housing, and the
              presence of Caps and Alternate keys.

       Options may appear in any order, and  case  is  not  significant.   The
       accompanying  diagrams  show  the  exact distribution of codes for each
       combination of keyboard and arguments to setkeys.

       The command

              setkeys lefty noarrows

       puts the SunView functions on the right pad of the keyboard,  replacing
       arrow  keys  by  the corresponding right-function codes, and displacing
       right-function codes to the left pad.

       The command:

              setkeys sun1 reset

       restores a Sun-1 keyboard to its original arrangement.

       defaultsedit(1), input_from_defaults(1), kb(4M)

       setkeys affects the kernel's key tables,  which  in  turn  affects  all
       users logged in to the system.

       Sun-1,    reset:
                   ^    V    <&lt;    >&gt;
            [    standard   ]   TF1  TF2  TF3  TF4
            [     typing         ]    7    8    9    -
            [      array         ]    4    5    6    ,
            [       ....         ]    1    2    3   En-
                                     0          .   ter
            default / lefty:
                   ^    V    <&lt;    >&gt;
            [    standard   ]   Again     RF1  Stop RF2
            [     typing         ]   Undo RF3  Props     RF4
            [      array         ]   Put  RF5  Front     RF6
            [       ....         ]   Get  RF7  Close     RF8
                                  Delete  Find
            default / lefty, noarrow:
                    TF1 TF2 TF3 TF4
            [    standard   ]   Again     RF1  Stop RF2
            [     typing         ]   Undo RF3  Props     RF4
            [      array         ]   Put  RF5  Front     RF6
            [       ....         ]   Get  RF7  Close     RF8
                                  Delete  Find
       Sun-2 &&amp; Sun-3,
            reset / default:
                      TF1 TF2 ...      ]
            Stop Again     [     standard   ]  RF1  RF2  RF3
            Props     Undo [      typing    ]  RF4  RF5  RF6
            Front     Put  [       array    ]  RF7   ^   RF9
            Close     Get  [         Retn  <&lt;   RF11  >&gt;
            Find Delete    [          LF  RF13  V   RF15
            noarrows (only):
                      TF1 TF2 ...      ]
            Stop Again     [     standard   ]  RF1  RF2  RF3
            Props     Undo [      typing    ]  RF4  RF5  RF6
            Front     Put  [       array    ]  RF7  RF8  RF9
            Close     Get  [         Retn RF10 RF11 RF12
            Find Delete    [          LF  RF13 RF14 RF15
                      TF1 TF2 ...      ]
            Stop RF1  [     standard   ]  Again      <&lt;   Stop
            RF6  RF4  [      typing    ]  Undo  >&gt;   Props
            RF9  RF7  [       array    ]  Put   ^   Front
            RF12 RF10 [         Retn Get  RF11 Close
            RF15 RF13 [         Ctrl Delete     V   Find
            lefty, noarrows
                      TF1 TF2 ...      ]
            Stop RF1  [     standard   ]  Again     RF2  Stop
            RF6  RF4  [      typing    ]  Undo RF5  Props
            RF9  RF7  [       array    ]  Put  RF8  Front
            RF12 RF10 [         Ret  Get  RF11 Close
            RF15 RF13 [         Ctrl Delete    RF14 Find
                      LF11 TF2 ...     ]
            Stop TF11 [     standard   ]  RF1  RF2  RF3
            LF12 TF12 [      typing    ]  RF4  RF5  RF6
            LF13 TF13 [       array    ]  RF7   ^   RF9
            LF14 TF14 [         Ret   <&lt;   RF11  >&gt;
            LF15 TF15 [         LF   RF13  V   RF15

                                1 October 1987                  OLD-SETKEYS(1)