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SDIFF(1V)                                                            SDIFF(1V)

       sdiff - contrast two text files by displaying them side-by-side

       sdiff [ -l ] [ -o outfile ] [ -s ] [ -w n ] filename1 filename2

       This  command  is  available  with  the  System V software installation
       option.  Refer to for information on how to install optional software.

       sdiff uses the output of diff-b to produce a  side-by-side  listing  of
       two  files indicating those lines that are different.  Each line of the
       two files is printed with a blank gutter between them if the lines  are
       identical,  a <&lt; in the gutter if the line only exists in filename1, a >&gt;
       in the gutter if the line only exists in filename2, and a |  for  lines
       that are different.  See EXAMPLES.

       -w  n  Use  n as the width of the output line.  The default line length
              is 130 characters.

       -l     Only print the left side of any identical lines.

       -s     Silent.  Do not print identical lines.

       -o  outfile
              Use the next argument, output, as the name  of  an  output  file
              created  as an interactively controlled merging of filename1 and
              filename2.  Identical  lines  of  filename1  and  filename2  are
              copied to output.  Sets of differences, as produced by diff, are
              printed; where a set of differences share a common gutter  char-
              acter.   After  printing  each set of differences, sdiff prompts
              with a % and waits for you to type one  of  the  following  com-

              l      Append the left column to the output file.

              r      Append the right column to the output file.

              s      Turn on silent mode; do not print identical lines.

              v      Turn off silent mode.

              e l    Call the ed(1) with the left column.

              e r    Call ed(1) with the right column.

              e b    Call  ed(1) with the concatenation of left and right col-

              e      Call ed(1) with a zero length file.

                     On exit from ed(1), the resulting file is concatenated to
                     the named output file.

              q      Exit from the program.

       A sample output of sdiff would look like this:

                          x    |    y
                          a         a
                          b    <&lt;
                          c    <&lt;
                          d         d
                               >&gt;    c

       diff(1), ed(1)

                               17 September 1989                     SDIFF(1V)