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 sdiff(1)							    sdiff(1)

      sdiff - side-by-side difference program

      sdiff [options ...] file1 file2

      sdiff uses the output of diff(1) to produce a side-by-side listing of
      two files, indicating those lines that are different.  Each line of
      the two files is printed with a blank gutter between them if the lines
      are identical, a <&lt&lt&lt; in the gutter if the line only exists in file1, a >&gt&gt&gt;
      in the gutter if the line only exists in file2, and a | for lines that
      are different.

      For example:

				  abc	|   xyz
				  abc	    abc
				  bca	<
				  cba	<
				  dcb	    dcb
					>   cde

      sdiff recognizes the following options:

	   -w n	       Use the next argument, n, as the width of the output
		       line. The maximum value of n is 2048 (LINE_MAX).	 The
		       default line length is 130 characters.

	   -l	       Only print on the left side when lines are identical.

	   -s	       Do not print identical lines.

	   -o output   Use the next argument, output, as the name of a third
		       file that is created as a user-controlled merging of
		       file1 and file2.	 Identical lines of file1 and file2
		       are copied to output.  Sets of differences, as
		       produced by diff(1), are printed; where a set of
		       differences share a common gutter character.  After
		       printing each set of differences, sdiff prompts the
		       user with a % and waits for one of the following
		       user-typed commands:

			    l	 append the left column to the output file

			    r	 append the right column to the output file

			    s	 turn on silent mode; do not print identical

 Hewlett-Packard Company	    - 1 -   HP-UX Release 11i: November 2000

 sdiff(1)							    sdiff(1)

			    v	 turn off silent mode

			    e l	 call the editor with the left column

			    e r	 call the editor with the right column

			    e b	 call the editor with the concatenation of
				 left and right

			    e	 call the editor with a zero length file

			    q	 exit from the program

		       On exit from the editor, the resulting file is
		       concatenated on the end of the output file.

      Print a side-by-side diff of two versions of a file on a printer
      capable of printing 132 columns:

	   sdiff -w132 prog.c.old prog.c | lp -dlineprinter

      Retrieve the most recently checked in version of a file from RCS and
      compare it with the version currently checked out:

	   co -p prog.c >&gt&gt&gt; /tmp/$$; sdiff /tmp/$$ prog.c | more; rm /tmp/$$

      diff(1), ed(1).

 Hewlett-Packard Company	    - 2 -   HP-UX Release 11i: November 2000