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SCREENDUMP(1)               General Commands Manual              SCREENDUMP(1)

       screendump - dump a frame-buffer image to a file

       screendump  [ -cCeo ] [ -f frame-buffer ] [ -t type ] [ -xyXY value ] [
       filename ]

       screendump reads the contents of a frame buffer and writes the  display
       image to filename (the default is the standard output ) in Sun standard
       rasterfile format.

       If the frame buffer has both an overlay plane and color planes, screen-
       dump  examines  the  overlay  enable plane and tries to make the output
       file represent what is visible on the  screen.   It  maps  the  overlay
       plane  foreground and background colors into the closest values present
       in the color map for the color planes.

       -c             Dump the frame-buffer contents directly without making a
                      temporary copy in a memory pixrect.  Saves time and mem-
                      ory but lengthens the  time  the  frame-buffer  must  be
                      inactive to guarantee a consistent screen dump.

       -C             Dump  the frame-buffer color planes only (ignored if the
                      display does not have color planes).

       -e             Set the output rasterfile type  to  2,  RT_BYTE_ENCODED.
                      For most images this saves a significant amount of space
                      compared to the standard format.

       -o             Dump the frame-buffer overlay plane only (ignored if the
                      display does not have an overlay plane).

       -f frame-buffer
                      Dump  the  specified  frame-buffer  device  (default  is

       -t type        Set the output rasterfile type (default 1, RT_STANDARD).

       -x value
       -y value       Set the x or y coordinate of the upper  left  corner  of
                      the area to be dumped to the given value.

       -X value
       -Y value       Set  the width or height of the area to be dumped to the
                      given value.

       The command:

              example% screendump save.this.image

       writes the current contents of the console frame buffer into  the  file

       while the command:

              example% screendump -f /dev/cgtwo save.color.image

       writes  the  current contents of the color frame buffer /dev/cgtwo into
       the file save.color.image.

       The command:

              example% screendump | lpr -Pversatec -v

       sends  a  rasterfile  containing  the  current  frame-buffer   to   the
       lineprinter,  selecting  the  printer  versatec and the v output filter
       (see /etc/printcap).  The printer must support an  appropriate  imaging
       model such as PostScript in order to print the image.

       /usr/lib/rasfilters/*   filters for non-standard rasterfile formats
       /dev/fb                 default frame buffer device

       lpr(1), rasfilter8to1(1), rastrepl(1), screenload(1)

       The output file or the screen may be corrupted if the frame-buffer con-
       tents are modified while the dump is in progress.

                               8 September 1988                  SCREENDUMP(1)